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Husband does my Voice Over - Hair Tutorial

My husband kindly assisted with my hair tutorial voice over!

I thought he did really well considering he knows nothing about styling hair.

Hope you enjoy!

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Sole Patches Product Review

*This post is sponsored by Sole Patches through a campaign on BrandBacker

When I was younger I used to wear heels all the time but now that I’m older I have sore painful feet after wearing heels for half an hour.

There are some really cute shoes out there – especially in the summer.

I recently had the opportunity to try Sole Patches through BrandBacker.

Sole Patches were invented by Jenn Hwang, inspired by her love of wearing high heels, but not pain that went with it. She created one size cushion insert pads that use PORON®, which absorbs the shock that creates pain when walking in heels. PORON® also has antimicrobial properties and repels both moisture and foot odor.

Sole Patches come in a super cute flower shape and can either be worn on the heel or the ball of the foot.

With Sole Patches, you have the option to stick the pads directly onto your feet or onto the soles of your shoes. The adhesive doesn’t wear off after one use, so you can take them off and reuse them more than once.

A package contains 6 cushion pads.

For myself, I preferred sticking the insert to the shoe, right now it’s winter, here in Edmonton we just had some really cold weather – could only wear boots most days.

I have tried different inserts in the past, but Sole Patches are much easier to fit in shoes and you don’t need to cut it to make it your size.

The inserts stayed in place and didn’t seem to lose it’s cushioning throughout the day.  

I found that I did need the right placement, especially on the ball of my foot. It was very uncomfortable if the insert wasn’t in the right spot.

Before an event I would make sure they have the right placement ahead of time.

They do help.

Overall I would be likely to wear Sole Patches for a special event where I knew I would be in uncomfortable shoes for a long time.

I’m definitely buying some cute heeled sandals this summer!

For more information about Sole Patches, please visit

*This product was provided to me for testing purposes
courtesy of  BrandBacker
My opinion is not influenced in anyway and I will still continue to only post and link to products that fit my personal style*


Icicle Nail Design

The new Icicle Nail trend blends frosty shades with glitter, sparkles and even snowflake decals.

You can capture the gorgeous way ice reflects light by adding crystals and glitter or use metallic shades of blue.

Icicle nails are pretty easy to create using a blue base color and a toothpick or nail striper for the icicle tips.

Here’s what you need:

- Base Coat 
- Medium Blue Nail Polish
- White Nail Polish 
- Silver Nail Polish
- Glitter Nail Polish (Optional)
- Fast Drying Top Coat 
- Toothpick or Nail Striper 

Step One:
Apply Base Coat to protect your natural nails. Apply two coats of the Blue Nail Polish. Let Dry.

Step Two:
Using a toothpick or nail striper lightly dipped in white nail polish, apply lines to the tips of the nails. The lines can be different lengths (short, long).

Step Three:
Repeat with Silver nail polish, if needed add some glitter polish lines as well.

Step Four:
Apply a fast drying Top Coat to protect the nails.

Beautiful and subtle!

You can add more glitter or crystal gems to add more glam.

If you have shorter nails this design is perfect for you because it makes the nails look longer!

Hope you enjoyed this Nail Design!

Please share you recreations with me on Instagram using #BU10nails. 


Mixed Chicks Hair Products Review

As you know I have curly/wavy hair. Some sections are curly and another section will be wavy or straight, my natural hair has never been consistent.

I’ve tried many products specifically designed for curly hair but most left my hair weighed down, stiff and wet looking.

Mixed Chicks, sent me a super amazing gift bag, filled with hair care products to sample. I was excited to receive them, because I've read great things about their products.

Mixed Chicks products are made in the United States. 
They are vegan, and cruelty free - does NOT 
engage in animal testing.
Their hair care & skin products are formulated for ALL NATIONALITIES 

I love that!

After trying the products, I was impressed on how it was with my curly/wavy hair. The products are light-weight, fast drying and lightly scented.  

Conditioning Cleansing Co-Wash

This had a creamy texture.

It uses Jojoba and Castor oils that help strengthen hair.

I would use two applications leaving the second on for a few minutes.

My hair felt clean and was soft, shiny and tangle free, even with my shorter hair it gets very tangled and this product made it easy for me to run my fingers through.

Daily Hair Dress Conditioning Cream

It’s light and didn’t weigh my curls down.

It kept my curls frizz-free.

It does dry hard but my hair had soft curls after scrunching out the crunch.

Hair felt moisturized.

Curl Sculptor

This curl definer uses pro vitamin B5 which helps keep hair strong and prevents it from getting brittle.

I would add a quarter-sized amount to my hair and then twist a few curls with my fingers framing my face.

I was surprised at how this kept my curls in place without being hard and sticky.

Styling Gel

I haven’t been a fan of Styling Gels for a very long time. They used to leave my hair stiff and wet looking.

Not anymore!

This Styling gel holds the curls in place without being hard or stiff.

I found a small amount worked well on my thick hair, I would massage into roots as well as scrunch the ends of my hair.

This gave great volume and texture, my hair moved nicely (wasn’t stiff) and the curls lasted all day.

Coil, Kink and Curl Styling Cream

This has a thick consistency, it has 6 nourishing oil and is great for on-the-go styles.

Unfortunately I was not a fan of this product, I found it made my hair flat and it felt greasy throughout the day.

I’ve never used a styling cream before so maybe I didn’t use it correctly (don’t necessarily take my word on this one).

Slick Styling Tamer

This pomade is especially great for braids and updos. It is great at getting those little flyaway hairs.

When braiding, I would apply a very small amount to my fingertips and then to the section I was braiding. Once the braid was in place I would add a little more pomade to keep the little hairs from poking out.

For a casual updo, I would use a very small amount on my fingertips and gently smooth out the hair.
The product lasted all day and I was surprised not to see a bunch of flyaway hairs around my head by the middle of the day.

Just so you know, I didn’t use all of the products at the same time, I would use either use a couple products a few days in a row or alternate new products each day.

I liked that the products were light-weight, a little product goes a long way and with a price range of $5.99 - $45.00 for hair products you can’t go wrong.

I was able to wear my hair naturally or add a few curls with my curling wand, either way the curls lasted all day and my hair had volume and shine.

Overall I really liked these products and I am very glad I was able to try them!

If you would like more information on Mixed Chicks
or would like to try some products, Visit their
website HERE!

*This product was provided to me for testing purposes
courtesy of  Mixed Chicks
My opinion is not influenced in anyway and I will still continue to only post and link to products that fit my personal style*


Cupcake Nails!

I've got a cute little manicure to show you today- cupcake nails!

I had these nails for my birthday and can’t believe I didn’t share them on a blog post yet…

When broken down into steps they are really simple to do and you can do them in any color combination.

I made pink cupcakes but you can use any color that suits your style.

Here’s what you need:

- Several colors of polish for sprinkles (optional)

Step One:
Apply a Base Coat to protect your nails. Apply a dark pink polish to the tips of the nails.

Step Two:
Using a nail striper or a toothpick, apply stripes down the dark part of the nail.

Step Three:
Using a sponge, I used an old eyeshadow sponge, dip into white nail polish and dab it onto the nail above the pink polish.

I found this gave a fluffy dimensional look.

Step Four: (optional)
Apply some dots or short lines on the white part for sprinkles. You can also add a red dot on top for a cherry or a colored line for a candle.

Step Five:
Apply a fast drying top coat!

Super cute Cupcake nails – perfect for any party!!


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