Friday, March 6, 2015

St. Patrick's Day Nails

St. Patrick's Day is just around the corner!

I wanted to share some cute and easy nail designs with you. 

Both designs are really easy and take no effort. 

They are more than a shamrock or pot of gold. 

Here's what you need:

Base Coat 

White  Nail Color

- Light Green Nail Polish

- Dark Green Nail Polish

Top Coat
- For Manicure #1, you will need a dotting tool or toothpick for the polka dots

Manicure #1:
Green Polka Dot Nails

- Always apply a base coat to the nails. 
- Apply a white nail polish - you may need 2 coats to make the color opaque. 
- Once white polish is dry, dip the dotting tool into the light green polish and apply dots to the nail.(I didn't do this in any special order). 
- Then make dark green dots in the empty spaces. 
- Allow nails to dry a few minutes and apply a fast drying top coat. 

Manicure #2

Dry Brush Nails

- Apply a base coat to protect the nails. 
- Apply a white nail polish - 2 coats will make the color nice and opaque. 
- Allow the white polish to dry.
- Starting with a dark green nail polish, wipe the brush along the neck of the bottle to get rid of most of the polish. If needed, dab the brush onto a piece of paper towel.
- Apply the nail polish to the nail horizontally and vertically.
- Repeat with a light green color.
- Continue to switch back and forth between colors until you get the desired look.

Both manicures can be used for any occasion, using bright blues and pinks would look so pretty for spring!

Hope you enjoyed these manicures, Don't forget to share your nail art recreations with me on InstagramFacebook or Twitter using #BU10nails.

Products used:
Revlon Quick Dry Base Coat 955 • Revlon • $4.60

Wet n Wild Wild Shine Nail Color • Wet n Wild • $0.99

Essie Summer Collection Nail Polish • Essie • $8.50

Essence Colour & Go Nail Polish • Ulta • $1.99

Essie 'Good To Go!' Top Coat • Essie • $10

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Dutch Braid Updo

I have been seeing this style all over Pinterest. I didn't want to attempt it because I thought it was waayyy too difficult. 

I loved the style though.

I decided to break it down and try the easiest way to make this style. That where the Dutch Braid comes in. 

I mention in the video that a dutch braid is the same as a french braid but instead of bringing the sections over each other, you are bringing the sections under each section. (Hope that makes sense :/)

Once you pull on the sides it turns into an elegant looking style - great for weddings and other formal events. 

I like to use the Goody Sprial pins for this style because they hold so much of the hair.
Regular bobby pins will also work just fine, you may need a few more in order to secure the hair. 

I show 2 ways to wear this updo - a casual down-do and an updo.

Here is the tutorial:

Products used:

- Goody 2" Bobby Pins Black 2 Packs of 60 Count • Goody • $5.18

- Goody Simple Styles Spin Pin for Light Hair 3 Easy Styles 2 Pins • $6.99

- Goody Womens Classic Polyband Elastics 52CT - Color: Clear - 2 Packs • Goody • $6.64