Thursday, July 30, 2015

Pink Tears Children's book Review

Pink Tears is a story about Lolly. 

Everyone else is playing and no one is playing with Lolly. As she holds her feelings inside, she slowly starts turning from pink to blue. It starts in a small area near her heart. 

She keeps her feelings inside, even though her parents ask if everything is alright.

One day she cries and cries and the blue goes away, she learns that it's good to get her feelings out. 

From someone who has always kept her feelings inside, I think this is a great way of teaching kids , especially young girls, that is ok to cry or tell someone how you are feeling. 

It took my almost 20 years to learn that! 

I don't think we need to cry all the time or constantly share every feeling we have but get it out when we need to, have that good cry once in awhile. 

Although I love Hana's way of writing, I would have liked a little more background on Lolly. Why was no one playing with Lolly? How long was she holding her feelings inside?

The illustrations, which were really cute, made it look like Lolly was shy (that's how I perceived it) but it would be good to know why she didn't play with others and how long she kept her feelings inside - how long it took her to turn blue. 

I liked the story and what it was teaching!

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Jennifer Linklater
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Boost Bundle for Her

If you are a reader of my blog, you will know that I have posted about fertility issues before. 

It is really difficult to go through. You get your hopes up each month just to be let down by that dreaded monthly cycle. 

My husband and I have been trying to conceive for almost 2 years. 

Fairhaven Health read one of my posts and offered me a 3 month trial of the TTC Boost Bundle for Her, this includes FertilAid for Women, OvaBoost, and FertileCM. These supplements encourage hormonal balance, cycle regularity, and to promote fertile-quality cervical mucus. 

Although no pregnancy yet, I do feel hormonal balance. 

I'm not as moody or emotional as I was and my menstrual cycles have been less painful. 

Although it did not result in pregnancy I feel it still was worth taking these supplements because emotionally and physically I feel better.

The only downfall to the supplements for me was that it was a lot of pills to take many times a day. I don't even like to take Tylenol so it took some getting used to for me. The first month I kept forgetting to take the lunch time pills etc but the second and third months I had a regular schedule of taking them. 

But if you are trying to conceive, consider trying the TTC Boost Bundle for Her, many of the comments say they have gotten pregnant while using the supplements. 

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hormonal balance, feel better emotionally


lots of pills need to take many times a day - 3 pills 3 times a day

Jennifer Linklater
"Beauty is more beautiful when it is on the inside"

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