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Green Tree Jewelry Review

I’m so excited to collaborate once again with Green Tree Jewelry!
Green Tree Jewelry is based in San Diego California and was founded by Lance Nybye Sr. and his son Lance Nybye Jr. Their story begins after a fire consumed their previous business of laser engraving baseball bats and unfortunately after the 2008 San Diego wildfires the business never made a full comeback and they decided to start using their equipment to make wood laser cut earrings.
Their mission is to offer the public affordable jewelry that is made from sustainable resources.
They recently sent me three pairs of earrings!
Sugar Skull Earrings Ocean Pearl Earrings
Pineapple Earrings
Their earrings are well made and are made from sustainably sourced wood. Colors are applied with water based dye.
The ear wires are silver-finished stainless steel, hypoallergenic, and enhanced with an electrophoretic coating that resists tarnishing.
I have sensitive ears so I have to be careful at what jewelry I wear and I have to say I can wea…

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