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LipSense by SeneGence Review

I have been on a quest this summer to find long lasting lipsticks. I’ve tried many drugstore brands. I love to read what other blogger think and LipSense kept coming up with great reviews. 
I usually wear lip gloss but love the colors and look of a lipstick. I always find Lipstick is a constant struggle to keep it looking fresh.  On a daily basis I bite my lips, sip tea, snack, etc, to the point that I find myself doing touch-ups or re-applying almost every hour.
I decided to give LipSense a try – this video shows my first impression using the LipSense color in Pink Champagne and The LipSense Gloss in Bougainvillea.

What is LipSense?LipSense by Senegence is said to be a smear-proof, water-proof, budge-proof, kiss-proof, long-wear lipstick.  Its lasting abilities are a result of Senegence’s patented super-adhesive lip color formula, a multi-layered lip color process, and sealing ‘top coats’ (aka glosses).
The Lipsense collection of colors and glosses is quite expansive.  There are so many…

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