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Geometric Nails

Sharp and edgy, geometric designs can be used in so many ways – from eccentric neon patterns to sophisticated triangle tips.

Some nail designs can be intimidating but luckily they aren’t nearly as hard as they look.

I used a nail striping brush for this design but you can use a toothpick or scotch tape, clear tape or painter’s tape if you want delicate professional looking lines.

The colors I used were Blue, Green, Black, White and Silver but you can definitely use any colors you want.

Here’s what you need:
-         Base Coat
-         Blue Nail Polish
-         Green Nail Polish
-         Black Nail Polish
-         White Nail Polish
-         Silver Nail Polish
-         Top Coat
-         Matte Top Coat (optional)
-         Nail Striper (optional)
-         Or a toothpick

- Apply a base coat to help protect the nails. Apply Blue nail polish for a base color.

- Using Green nail polish to the tip of the nails on an angle.

- Using the Black Polish apply a triangle in the centre of the nail. I alternated colors on each nail.

- If you want a simple design, you can apply top coat or use other colors to apply more triangles to the nails for an offbeat edgy look.

- Apply triangles to the nails in different colors.

- Apply a Top Coat for a glossy shine.

- Optional: Apply a matte top coat for a velvety finish.

They can be an accent nail, still being a delicate design or on all of the nails, giving you an edgy look.

If you would like to recreate this design, please use #BU10nails and follow me on Instagram,Facebook or Twitter.


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Skincare Routine for Perfect Skin

Almost every woman no matter what age has some kind of skincare issue or struggle, we may battle with blemishes, wrinkles or excessive oil at times, thanks to certain products geared for your skin type and a skincare routine we can come close to perfection. 

With so many products to choose from, it’s sometimes difficult to find which facial formula works best.

Get to know your skin type - Oily, combination, dry or normal. 

Once you know what your skin is like you can learn to treat it in the best way possible.

Dry skin is flaky, scaly, or rough.
Oily skin is shiny, greasy, and may have big pores.
Combination skin is dry in some areas and oily in others e.g. (forehead, nose, and chin).
Normal skin is balanced, clear, and not sensitive.


You don’t need several different cleansers or buy some fancy, expensive products. You just need to find skincare that works for you. 

Choose one that removes the dirt and makeup and gets into the skin not just sits on top.

Rinse with plenty of warm water, and then pat dry.

If you find your skin doesn’t change or dries out or gets oily, try a different cleanser.

The best way to find out what works is testing products out.


A step that is so often skipped is using a toner after you clean your face. A toner preps your skin to be more receptive to hydration and moisturizer.

In order to get the best effect of your product, use a toner before applying moisturizer. They remove extra oil, making your face less shiny, and help keep your skin clean.

Some toners like Aveda Botanical Kinetics, have an exfoliant for maximum treatment to wipe away surface cells getting beneath the skin into pores for a smoother, clearer complexion.

How to use: After cleansing, apply a small amount on a cotton ball and gently wipe across face and throat in upward, outward motions. Avoid eye area.


Finish your routine with applying moisturizer. Depending on your skin type you should choose the best formula possible.

Moisturizers block the pores and hydrate your skin throughout the day and night. 

Hydration is essential for healthy, balanced, clear skin no matter the skin type.

Cream Best for drier skin or skins in dry climate
Lotion Best for dry to dry/ combination skin
Gel/Serum Best for oilier skin, or acne prone skin


Ever since I was teenager I have been battling breakouts. Now that I am a few years old (wink) I am still struggling - not fun!

So if you are way past your teen years but still have this issue you’re not alone. 

The warmer months are especially bad for those of us with oily skin, the added moisture in the air is a skin disaster.

Try to look for products with salicylic acid, Cleansers that contain glycolic or salicylic acid can prevent breakouts.

Once a week I use a deep cleansing mask to get all that dirt out of my pores. Freeman, Montagne and Earth Kiss Face have masks in convenient packages, great prices and they deeply clean and moisturize the skin.

Every routine needs a switch here and there depending on your skin issues. 

Season change and climate change will have an effect on your skincare routine, you may need to adjust depending on the issue.

What are your skincare issues? Any tips for the best skin possible?


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Tips for a long lasting mani!

Over the past few years, I’ve been wearing nail polish a lot and I love changing colors and designs. 
The one annoying thing is that my manicures and the shine will only last for a couple of days…

Here are my tips for helping at-home nail manicure that last more than 2 or 3 days:

  • Prep the nails:

Start by removing any old nail polish.

Cut nails with small clippers.

File the nails with a gentle nail file.

Apply cuticle oil to the nails and cuticles for at least 10 minutes or until dry. I like to gently massage into the nails and cuticles.

Before starting the manicure, remove any grease from your nails. An “oily” nail has less adhesion, your nail polish won’t stick to the nail as much, so won’t last as long.

Wash hands with gentle soap and water to start with clean nails.

Nail Clippers: TweezermanNails Clippers

  • The Base Coat:

When shopping it can be tempting to go for those 2-in-1 base/top coats you find at the drugstore.

After testing them myself, I've found that those aren't as effective as separate top and base coats.

Spend a little more and get separate top and base coats - you'll have them forever and your nails will look better.

The two base coats I love are Essie First Base and Essence Base Coat.

Both have formulas that dry super quickly, by the time you're done painting your last nail, your first nail will already be dry.

Aside from its amazing fast-drying power, I love these base coats because they made my manicure last so much longer, almost two weeks with no chipping!

  •       The Nail Polish:

The most important thing is to apply thin coats.

This will help the polish dry faster and it helps prevent chipping. If a thick coat was applied it would take longer to dry and too much nail polish will make a big mess of your nails, adding extra clean up time.

When choosing a brand, I’ve bought cheap bottles of nail polish that amazed me by lasting for many days and I’ve splurged on the more expensive ones but was pretty upset when the polish chipped the next day.

I’ve also purchased cheap polishes that had terrible formulas and expensive brands that worked wonderfully.

This one really is your own preference, whether it is an expensive or inexpensive price range, trying and testing is the only way you will find a formula that you like.

You want nice smooth applications, if the polish is dry and it seems like you are doing little strokes it is not going to give you a long lasting mani.

If the formula is thick and gloopy, it will take a long time to dry.  

You want a nail polish that has a smooth texture and glides onto the nail.

To avoid bubbles, put the nail polish bottle between your hands and roll gently back and forth.  

  • The Top Coat:

I think top coat is the key for a longer-lasting manicure.

Not only does the top coat protect your polish against everyday wear, it also gives a finished look with either a glossy shine or a velvety matte finish.

Some top coats have a near-reflective finish, other formulas capture the vinyl-like effect of a long-wear gel manicure.

Some top coats are also double duty, strengthening the nail by moisturizing and hydrating while protecting the nail.

Applying top coat every three days to refresh shine is a great tip for longevity.

For more Nail Care Questions Answered, Click HERE!

I hope you have long lasting manicure from now on!!


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Fall/ Winter 2016 Nail Trends

When it comes to the nails, I’m always looking for something new, different and trendy.

From clothing to shoes, accessories and makeup, nails are an essential part to completing a beauty look, glamming it up or toning it down.

Nail color can really change the look you are trying to portray.

A dress can take on a sexier tone when the nails are a bright red instead of a clear polish.

Glitter adds some spice and glam, while a fun design shows personality.

There were several trends to choose from like 90’s graphics using crazy combinations of designs, with colors, drawings, cartoons, flags. Marble nails and the Negative space are getting more popular with each season. 3D Nail art like adding fur to the nails, strange eye cutouts and anything funky you can think of. Dual toned manicures use have a futuristic metallic appeal with chrome based nails  topped with bronzed golden half-moons. 

Here are my 6 favorite Nail Polish and nail art trends for fall 2016:

#1: Deep Dark Polishes

Beauty trends are moving towards some really dark hues for the lips and gothic inspired nails.

Black polish, dark greys, deep dark purples and a hint of black.

Black nail polish is also often used as base; add a taupe or deep plum color over black to spice things up.

Matching nails and lips will also be a big trend for fall, using colors like eggplant, graphite and black on both lips and nails.

Dark nails can also have a gradient effect, brown to black creations and using crystals and pearls on the nails with a matte black background.

#2: Silver

It was huge for spring and it certainly makes one of the best fall/ winter nail trends.

Nails with a chrome base and a gold half-moon at the cuticle look amazing.

Shining, metallic dark silver embellishments give a touch of rebellion to a down-to-earth design.


#3: Crystal & Rhinestone Embellishments

Adding crystals to the nails gives a look of luxury.

Simple manicures with gorgeous crystal additions result in some amazing looking nails.

This is certainly a trend to try out and to show off!

#4: Glitter Manicure

Glitter is everywhere!

For all of 2016, shimmers and glitter are everywhere, from the shoes to handbags, clothing and nails.

Some of the glittery fall trends we’ll see are French manicures with the glittering golden tips.

Glittery Hot pink polish, dark glitter with a silver base, golden stars with negative space or add glitter near the cuticles, extending the look of the nails.

#5: Add Lines 

Lines are simple but can have major effect.

Nails can have a clear background and line down the center of the nail or a single line of gold over matte taupe nails creating sophistication.

Lines are added in negative space designs as well, horizontal stripes in black over clear nails.
Minimal effort and maximum appeal!

#6: Simple and Classic 

Simple nail looks work well when they appear trending and stylish and not just plain.

Try lighter browns, nearly clear polish, classic pink or natural earthy colors in a matte finish for a simple yet lovely look.

Simple can be colorful too, when you want to brighten up your monotonous looks add a splash of bright color.

Which of these fall/ winter 2016 nail art and nail polish trends fits your style?

To read my blog post on Fall Hair Trends, Click HERE and for Fall Makeup Trends, read HERE!


How to Volumize a Messy Bun

The messy bun is a hairstyle that is great for all types of occasions and events.

It is a simple up-do that you can do yourself at home.

From an elegant wedding to quick "run to the corner store" look, the messy bun offers all lengths of hair a style that is fast and easy to create.

You may need to try out several different ways to create the perfect look for your hair, but remember - it is called "the messy bun" and the key is not to over think.

I find my messy buns can sometimes look flat and have no volume, especially with my shorter layered hair.

Here is the link to my video, I show a way to getting great volume in a messy bun. 

This is how I wear my messy buns most days.

For this style you’ll need two hair elastics, spin pins or bobby pins.

If you’ve read my other post or watched other videos, you’ll know I LOVE spin pins!

They glide smoothly in and out of my hair, without snagging or tangling, two pins will hold in the style all day.

If you don’t have spin pins you can definitely use bobby pins.

One of the best tips I have for messy buns is when stretching out the hair, stretch out the sides (left and right) as well as top and bottom.   

Sometimes you will need to stretch a lot and other days just a little, the messy bun is always different.

Hope you liked this tutorial!


Why should you use protein shampoo for damaged hair? (Guest Post)

Healthy hair requires a balance of moisture and protein. The main protein that is present in your hair is keratin and it is held together by peptide bonds. These peptide bonds are what keep your hair strong and elastic. However, with time, over-shampooing, frequent styling using flat-irons and blow-dryers, coloring or even harsh weather can cause the peptide bonds in your hair to break and become brittle and damaged.

Protein shampoo can be used to treat damaged hair by cleansing, strengthening and increasing the elasticity of your hair. It usually contains different types of proteins like keratin, collagen and amino acids. Keratin is the most prominent naturally found protein in your hair. It helps protect and maintain your hair. Protein shampoos that contain keratin will coat each strand and protect your hair until your next shower. This way, you get to return your hair to its previous glory and prevent any further damage from occurring in the future.

How can you determine if your hair needs protein shampoo? Just take a strand of your hair and wet it. Then, gently stretch it between your fingers. If your hair stretches and bounces back easily, your hair is probably healthy and you can continue following your current hair regimen. However, if your hair breaks easily when slightly stretched, this may be a sign that your hair could benefit from protein shampoo. Other signs are frizzy, thin or dull dry hair.

If you suspect your hair might require more protein, it may be worthwhile to try out one of the many protein shampoo products available in the market. Depending on your personal preference, some might also provide additional moisture. Whatever you decide to do, make sure to use a product regularly for more than a month before determining if you see any difference.

This Guest Post is by Alison Smith


If you would like to Guest Post

*Post will need to fit the style of this blog*

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Purple Diagonal Nails

This pictorial will show you how to create a neat nail design in a few easy steps.

You can use any colors you want but I recently purchased a deep purple nail polish and just love the color.

This is a great design if you have shorter nails because this will make them appear longer.

Such a great optical illusion!

 Here is what you need:

- Start by applying  Base coat to the nails.

- Apply Purple nail polish to the nails. Let dry completely.

- Apply White nail polish to the tips of the nails on a diagonal.

- Apply Black Nail Polish just under the White Polish.

- Apply a fast drying Top coat.

Hope you like this easy design!


Fall/ Winter 2016 Makeup Trends

The finishing touch to any look has many factors.  

The colors you use, the lines you make or the lack of it all can make or break a look. 

Some people apply makeup just like an artist on a canvas - eyes, lips, contours, cheekbones and even neckline to create a masterpiece. I wish I had the talent and patience!

So far 2016 has been all about individuality and a unique character and that continues into the fall season.

Here are some of the top fall/ winter 2016-2017 makeup trends:

#1: Gothic Inspired Lips

Take a trip to the dark side this fall. Lips can be as dark as black or a plum color.

Inspired by the Goth look, you can wear it as softly or as fanatically as you wish.

Some runways went for truly Gothic look, full black lips and exaggerated eyeliner with brows bleached out, while others kept brows thinner but natural and focused on the purple hued lips.

 #2: Pastels and Bright Pink Lips

I think this is one of the prettiest fall 2016 makeup trends in terms of lipstick.

Gorgeous baby pink lips are paired with some graphic eye shadow in order to almost upset the balance of the features and redirect the gaze constantly.

A sugary pink color ensures the eyes focus more on the brows that are all well-groomed yet nice and thick.

 #3: The Smokey Eye

Smokey eyes have long been the trend used for seduction.

The fall 2016 makeup trend gives this an update by adding a little more smoke and smudge to the bottom lash line.

For a completely dramatic look, add wings at the ends of the Smokey look, while keeping brows light and natural.

#4: Statement Liners

As you can tell from above, some trends are dramatic - Statement liners being one of them.

Statement looks with bold colors, thicker smudges, fun shapes and smoky lower lashes.

If you like playing with your cosmetics this look is for you - Drawing triangles at the corners of the eyes, really extending the cat eye or adding secondary lines.


#5: A Touch of Glitter

Glitter disappeared for a while but it is slowly appearing everywhere.  

Fall/ winter makeup trends are all about the glitter.

From clothing, shoes, nails and makeup or hair, subtle flecks will add a little spice to your look.

Glitter is even being used as a brow liner for those who are daring enough.

#6: The Copper Penny eyes

One color stuck out most from the fall/winter runway shows: the penny copper hue.

It appears all over the lid and with just a little bit of shading without overdoing it, keeping things mostly natural while having that pop of color.

It is a beautiful trend that is best for its versatility because you can wear it for the day and then into the evening. 

#7: A Radiant Face

A radiant face always looks lovely and autumn is the best time to show off the radiance skin from the vitamin D from the summer sun.

Highlighters, shimmering tones and golden eyeshadow are enough to bring out this beauty look.

Pair it with berry lips and hair in a bun over a fresh natural face.

#8: Natural Brows

There is one trend I’m seeing more of and that is the natural brow.

Thick and well-groomed brows are the upcoming look for fall, leaving brows looking clean, full, and not thin like previous years.

#9: The Red Lip

This is always a classic look. 

Having already dominated for the spring and summer, this is one of the top 2016 makeup trends.

It appears that red lipstick is here to stay.

Brighter and darker shades will take over.

The red lips are definitely a great statement for all skin tones.

It was all about the ‘80s style drama with the bright red lips paired with the Smokey eyes, hair slicked back to bring the look together.

#10: Emphasize the Lashes

Emphasizing certain features can lead to more enticing results.

Adding super-long and thick eyelashes can change a look, even if you decide to go out completely bare-faced.

That can be simple black lashes, sensual flirty lashes or lashes with colored mascara.

#11: Be the Real You

Beauty looks on models that appear on the Fashion Runways are just too unrealistic for daily life.

Embracing the real you is the best beauty trend for fall 2016 and that means you can walk around being proud of who you are, no matter how tall or short, how thick or thin, how curvy or slim.

It is refreshing and it is real, which makes the best beauty trend!

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