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Monday, February 8, 2016

Mind Position’s binaural-stimuli MP3 Recordings Review

For years I have listened to Hypnosis for everything to getting a good night’s sleep to helping with my anxiety. I find it to be very relaxing.

When Mind Position reached out to me to try their binaural-stimuli MP3 it was intriguing and I liked the concept.  

The recording I received was for “Long Luscious Eyelashes” which was fitting because my eyelashes were falling out and very sporadic (thanks to a hair supplement I was trying…).

Mind Position has discovered a new way to deliver binaural-stimuli messages for greater impact.

Mind Position’s unique Full Session Recordings are  only available on their website, and unlike many other MP3 recordings, they use multi-layers of subliminal messages recorded a hundred-times over to achieve a much stronger and quicker effect.

What is a Binaural beat?
In layman’s terms, two different sounds with low frequencies are presented to a listener through each ear. When a third sound is introduced, it is called a binaural beat.
It’s a bit technical…

Each recording has its own tailor-made timing to achieve the best results that are related to the subject of the session.

They have recordings on:
- Hair and Skin
- Well-Being
- Body Correction
- Body Enhancement

The creator of Mind Position is a Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) practioner with extensive background research in Psychology, Sociology and Hypnotherapy, and is also studying law of Attraction, human nature and various technical disciplines.

You just need to Sit back, relax your mind, focus and listen to the audio at a normal volume (Quality earphones or headphones preferred).

Mind Position recommends listening at least once in the morning and once before bed, the more you listen the more it will help.

Try to remain relaxed, and focus on what you wish to achieve while listening.

***Recordings should NOT be listened to while driving, operating machinery or at any time the listener needs to remain focused. ***

My Thoughts:
I listened to the recording once in the morning and once in the evening before bed. It was nice relaxing music.

After a week I noticed my lashes looking more voluminous.

I’ve mentioned before, I have long lashes but not thick lashes and they were definitely looking thicker to me.

The sporadic look started to disappear.

After 2 weeks I am happy about the results and with a price range of $3.95 - $7.95 per recording, I’m definitely purchasing another recording.

You can also purchase your own custom made recording for $39.00 and have it within 48 hours to one week.

I’m a big believer if something makes you feel beautiful then that’s all that matters.

Whether binaural-stimuli messages work or not, it made me feel better about my pathetic eyelashes.

To find more information on Mind Position or to purchase a recording, visit their website at

I absolutely love Mind Position’s motto:

Achieve. Be. Do.


Friday, February 5, 2016

un-Valentine's Day Nails

I wanted to come up with a no tools un-Valentine’s design for those who don’t want hearts everywhere.

I chose this “un-Valentine’s ” nail design.

All you need is a red or pink nail polish and a nail polish that is one shade lighter.

I used a dark pink nail polish and a light pink polish, to stay with the valentine’s theme and I just love pink.

I had another nail polish with heart shapes so I used a toothpick to pick up some hearts and apply them to the nail; this step is optional of course.

Here’s what you need:

-         Base Coat
-         Dark Pink Nail Polish
-         Light Pink Nail Polish
-         Hearts Nail Polish, Gems (Optional)             
-         Top Coat

- Apply a base coat to help protect the nails, this also prevents the polish from chipping.

- Apply the Dark Pink Nail Polish to the nails, let dry completely.

- Using the thin part of the brush, apply the Light Pink Nail Polish down the center of the nail.

- Optional – Add a heart or gem to the top of the nail.

- Apply a fast drying top coat for a beautiful shine.

 This super easy manicure can be used anytime of the year and it’s great for making shorter nails look longer!

If you would like to recreate this design, please use #BU10Nails on FacebookTwitter or Instagram.

~ Jennifer
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