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Half up High Ponytail

I really like this half up style, it is a great way to pull bangs back during the hot summer months or if you want to change up your style any time of the year.

It has that Adele 1960's inspired feel - without the volume.

I have been wearing this look quite a bit so far this season.

It is very easy and takes minutes to put together.

Here is the video tutorial:

It is great for all hair lengths and hair textures.

I hope you try this style and love it!

I would love to see your pics on  Instagram,Facebook or Twitter, please use #BU10hair. 

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Pastel Tie Dye Nail Design

As you probably already know, I am always playing around with my nail polishes, trying to come up with easy nail designs.

I am very excited that the weather is warming up and the sun is staying out longer.

That usually means light bright pastel nail polish colors!

This is a super simple Tie Dye Nail design.  

I used a toothpick but you can also use a nail striper or a small dotting tool.

Here’s what you need:
-         Base Coat
-         White Nail Polish
-         PinkNail Polish
-         BlueNail Polish
-         YellowNail Polish
-         GreenNail Polish
-         Top Coat
-         Nail Striper (optional)
-         Small Dotting tool (optional)
-         Or a toothpick

- Apply a base coat to help protect the nails. Apply a White base color. Let dry. Using a white base color helps make the other colors really POP!

- Using a pastel color and a toothpick, apply little lines in a spiral shape to the nail. If it’s easier, you can also make large dots instead of the lines.

- Continue making lines or dots in a spiral shape using several pastel colors.

- Apply a fast drying top coat and you’re done!

Bright colorful and fun nails!

If you would like to recreate this design, please use #BU10nails and follow me on Instagram,Facebook or Twitter.


Joe Fresh Beauty

If you’ve been to Loblaw’s or a Real Canadian Superstore, you’ve probably seen racks of Joe Fresh apparel as well as cosmetics and accessories.

When I think of Joe Fresh, I’m reminded of the great accessories I’ve picked up while getting my groceries. But, to be honest, I didn’t really pay much attention to their beauty section.  Nothing jumped out at me… Until now!

I was able to rediscover Joe Fresh Beauty a couple weeks ago and was pleased to see the products have been given a fresh look and are now available at Shoppers Drug Mart!

I couldn’t resist purchasing the Highlighting powder in Champagne and Long Wear Lip Veil in Candy.

The Highlighting Powder did not disappoint. 

It is a very subtle, yet natural highlight. I bought this for only $8. And to my surprise I ended up loving this more than any other highlighter I’ve tried. It is very smooth and easy to apply with my fingers.  Since I started using this I have been complimented many times on my skin.

Gives skin a nice healthy, natural glow.

The Long Wear Lip Veil was $12 and is a soft natural nude-pink that feels like a lip-gloss and then turns into a lipstick with a semi sheer finish that lasts for a long time. 

It is a light-weight lipstick that although it is sheer, it gives a nice hint of color. 

It was only 2 products that I purchased this time but I have been using them almost everyday, the days I wear makeup anyways. 

Every Joe Fresh Beauty product is $18 and under, makes it hard for me to say no and I'm sure if you check them out at Shopper's it would be hard for you to say no too!

Joe Fresh Beauty can be found at Loblaw’s, Real Canadian Superstore 


Battle of the Scrubs – Sugar VS Salt

Smooth, soft and glowing skin – we all want it.

Skin really can’t glow if it’s covered in built-up of dead skin cells or dry and rough from dehydration.
That’s why you need regular exfoliation, but not all exfolliants are equal.

Salt and Sugar naturally dissolve during use.

During your treatment they’ll gradually morph from a scrub into a polish, perfecting your skin.

Sugar Scrubs

Sugar granules are rounder than Salt granules, and that makes them less abrasive - perfect for the face and any areas of sensitive skin.

Sugar also dissolves quickly in water, which is an advantage for those seeking a milder scrub.

Unrefined cane sugar also contains the nutrients calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium, which feeds and replenishes your skin.

The unrefined version is naturally scratchier than table sugar, so it should only be used on your body – a little too abrasive for the face.

If you have any skin abrasions, sugar is definitely what you want – salt will sting.

Salt Scrubs

The sharp angles of sea salt granules make them a strong exfolliant (table salt doesn’t have the sharp angles – the refining process removes its beneficial properties).

Because it’s more abrasive, it is great for scrubbing dryer areas of your body – feet, elbows, knuckles and legs.

Sea salt also draws toxins out of the body and acts as an anti-inflammatory for sore muscles.

Epsom salts, though not actually salt (they’re magnesium sulfate), are well known for their detoxification powers and work best in a bath.

If using a salt scrub, use once per week.

The sugar scrub can be used two or even three times per week.

The Verdict
Whether you choose a salt or sugar scrub, when used regularly, the skin will become much healthier in function and appearance—better circulation and with a more even skin tone.

Once dead skin cells are removed, the largest organ of the body more effectively removes toxins and absorbs nutrition.

Both are pure products, there are few, if any side effects.

Sugar scrubs and sea salt scrubs have had benefits known for a long time, and both contain natural exfolliators.

Both have advantages and disadvantages.

Depending on what you are wanting for your skin (more abrasive, less abrasive) the correct selection will give skin the great benefits you want.



The Ultimate Green Store

 Not all sunscreens are created equal.

The Ultimate Green Store has a line called “All Good” Sun and Body Care that will not only protect your skin from UV rays but is infused with organic, GMO-free ingredients, using purest ingredients and organic herbs. 

This skincare line offers natural healing products that are good for people and the planet!

When ordering, you can now get Free Shipping on all skincare orders over $50 with code: ORGANICBODY2016

The coupon code expires August 31, 2016.

Here are the links to the feature products: 

This natural SPF 33 sunscreen formula for kids includes the safest sun protection ingredient - pure non-nano zinc oxide. Slather it on those little tots and you can relax knowing that they'll be protected.
All Good Kids Sunscreen SPF33
Price: $15.99
Head-to-toe lasting and effective protection for sun worshippers at a great price! Set includes: *All Good Unscented SPF20 Lip Balm *All Good Unscented Sunscreen SPF33 *All Good Unscented Sunstick SPF30

The easiest way to give timeless herbal healing to yourself and anyone else. Set contains: *All Good Original SPF 15 Lip Balm *All Good Herbal Freeze *All Good Goop *All Good USDA Organic Hand Sanitizer
Herbal Healing Set
Price: $48.95

Enjoy the fresh and sweet scent of lavender infused into these wonderful products for ultimate rejuvenation. Set includes: *All Good Lavender Body Lotion *All Good Organic Coconut Oil - Lavender *All Good Goop
All Good Lavender Lover's Set
Price: $38.97

Pack All Good protection and healing with this perfect set of go-to products for when you're on the go. Set contains: *All Good Original SPF 15 Lip Balm *All Good Sunscreen Sport SPF33 *All Good Goop *All Good Organic Hand Sanitizer *All Good Unscented Sunstick SPF30
Price: $40.45

It’s Your one-stop green shopping destination for home, office and 
everyone in the family - even pets!


Pineapple Nails

I love these Pineapple nails!

They look a little cartoony but are so cute!

This design is super easy to do!

It looks like it would be difficult but only takes a few easy steps.

I only used a toothpick for this design.
I used a nude base color but you can use a White or Clear nail polish that will make the pineapple stand out.

Here’s what you need:
-         BaseCoat
-         White Nail Polish
-         Yellow Nail Polish
-         Light Green Nail Polish
-         Orange Nail polish
-         Top Coat
-          a toothpick

 - Apply a base coat to help prevent the nail polish from chipping.

- Apply a base color to the nails. I used a nude nail polish but as mentioned above, you can use white or clear polish.

- Apply White nail polish to the nail in large dots, they don’t need to be perfect because pineapples are not completely circular. I found using white polish first helps the yellow polish show up more against the background.

- Apply the Yellow nail polish on top of the white dots.

- Using a toothpick or nail art brush, apply vertical stripes to the tops of the pineapples. I made 3 to 4 stripes on my nails.

- Using the orange nail polish, apply criss cross lines in the middle of the pineapples to give them definition.

- Apply a fast drying top coat.

This design is perfect for summer!!

For more summer nail designs, go here, here and here!

If you would like to recreate this design, please use #BU10nails and follow me on Instagram,Facebook or Twitter.


Juice Beauty May GWP! Free Full-size GREEN APPLE Nutrient Eye Cream ($38 value), yours with any $75 purchase. Enter promo code EYE4U at checkout. Offer ends 5/31/16 

The Perfect Beauty Guide

Beauty is a matter of perspective. What can dictate the terms of beauty? Who decides what is beautiful? The answer lies in the complex dictates of the environment we grow up in. Cultures and traditions have a profound effect on what is eventually perceived as beautiful by individuals. This is quite logical indeed. We find those things to be beautiful that we grow up with. Some people find beauty in great arches others in simple serviceable structures. At the end of the day there is no single criterion to define beauty. What about human beauty?

There is this story about a king. So, there was this king who ordered a beautiful item to be made. It was made by the finest artisans and embedded with the rarest gems from all around the world. He invited his people and everyone agreed that it was the most beautiful thing that they had seen. But, there was this woman who did not agree. Eventually, the king went with the woman to see what she considered more beautiful. When they reached her house, she pointed towards a small child playing in the mud. The child was nothing but average, but the king understood that for that woman it was the most beautiful thing in the world.

All of us cannot be mystics and the world does not consist of people with such refined understanding. Inner beauty has a lot of value, but so does outer beauty. Taking care of it can enhance it and we ask why not? With all the harmful substances present in the synthetic products we only recommend the best natural products from Groupon. But, we also recommend a more holistic approach to increasing your inner and outer beauty. It is best to divide your regimen according to daily, weekly, and monthly. For example, doing a couple of hours of yoga per week will work wonders for relieving stress, just like adding a smoothie to your breakfast will add the essential vitamins to your diet. This is important not only for beauty, but also for health.

We believe in having a proper regimen and a set routine. To help you get an idea of what could be suitable, we have prepared a detailed infographic on the subject just for you. With patience and discipline it will bring the change that your body deserves.

The Perfect Beauty Guide 

 Co-produced by :Rebateszone & Beauty Under 10 


Watermelon Nails

I don’t usually like watermelon, I usually only have a slice once a year...I know I’m probably the only person in the world who doesn't like watermelon…

But I love these watermelon nails!

This design is adorable and easy to do!

It looks like it would be difficult but in a few easy steps you have a Watermelon French tip on your nails.

I used a nailart brush but you can use a toothpick to get the same effect.

I purchased my Nail art brush at my local art supply store for a couple of dollars.

Here’s what you need:
-         BaseCoat
-         White Nail Polish
-         RedNail Polish
-         DarkGreen Nail Polish
-         LightGreen Nail Polish
-         Black Nail polish
-         Top Coat
-         NailArt Brush
-         Or a toothpick

 - Apply a base coat to help protect the nails.

- Apply Red Nail Polish to the nails.

- Apply White nail polish to the tips of the nails – like an exaggerated French tip. I found using white polish helped the green show up more against the red background.

- Apply the Dark Green nail polish to the tip of the nail, leaving some white showing.

- Using a toothpick or nail art brush, apply vertical stripes down the tip of the nail (only the green part). I made 3 to 4 stripes on my nails.

- Using a toothpick or nail art brush, apply short black lines for the seeds. I don't like seeds so I applied 3 lines per nail. 

- Apply a fast drying top coat to give your mani a beautiful shine.

This design is perfect for summer!!

Hope you found this to be fun and easy!

If you would like to recreate this design, please use #BU10nails and follow me on Instagram,Facebook or Twitter.


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