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Ways to Spring Clean Your Life

We are officially into April, and with the weather finally warming up I’m feeling more inspired than ever by the arrival of spring.
This season marks a time to refresh and reflect.
I’m sure for those of you who also live in cold climates, you are feeling ready to shake off the snow and resurface as the days get warmer.
Here are some ways to spring clean your life as easy as possible.
I know I always get overwhelmed once I start my clean up but by I’m not recommending you do these all at once, but by slowly chipping away at your spring cleaning to-do list.
If you slowly work through your list, I can bet it’ll be done in no time.
Tech DetoxWhen you hear the phrase “tech detox” you probably think I’m going to tell you take some time off your phone to unplug and while that’s good to do often, I’m talking about cleaning up the contents on your phone so that it’s less cluttered and less distracting.
The first great way to do this is to clean up who you are following on Social media like Face…

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