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Ardell Magnetic Liner and Lashes Review

I used to love wearing false eyelashes but couldn’t deal with the messiness of the eyelash glue. The last time I wore false lashes was at my wedding and I had them applied by a makeup artist. To me, they always felt like I had a heavy layer on my eyelids, and I’ve definitely been one to yank them off towards the end of the event losing a few of my own lashes in the removal.
Last year I tried magnetic lashes – the ones where you had two layers (an upper lash layer and a lower lash layer) that each had magnets that would sandwich your natural lashes and clamp together – needless to say it was a complete fail.
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I recently started seeing magnetic lash liner but was skeptical to try them.
I happened to be at a drugstore and saw Ardell had magnetic liner and lashes. Being a fan of the company’s products, I had to try these lashes.
It has a black magnetic gel eyeliner onto which you attach the lash strip. Each strip has three-to-four tiny magnets on it, and they…

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