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Messy Dressy Bun Video Tutorial

This hairstyle is simple but elegant, messy yet polished. It is great for a casual evening or even for a wedding.
This is a great hairstyle when you want the hair up off of the face and it is a more casual style but still looks polished.

Twisting and pinning the hair gives the illusion of thick full hair. It looks great on any hair color but the twists really show off the different tones in highlighted hair.

Lengthwise you will need hair long enough to be pulled up in a high ponytail with ends than can be twisted.
It might look intricate but this video tutorial shows it is created using a few easy steps.

I would recommend using a product like Cake Beauty Volumizing Powder to give the hair some texture and volume. Dust some product concentrating on the top section of the head.
You can also tease the hair a little to create some height before twisting and pinning and finish off with some hairspray.
By pulling some face framing strands around the front of the face gives this style a more rel…

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