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Nono! Hair Removal Device Review

I have wanted to try the nono! Hair Removal Device when I first started seeing ads on T.V.
I have dark coarse hair on my legs, underarms and bikini area and my skin is fair so when hair grows back it is very noticeable. 
My method of hair removal is usually shaving and for the last few years, using an Epilator.
The nono!  is small hand-held electrical device that runs on a rechargable battery. It’s small enough to fit in your purse- making it perfect for travel. You run the device over the area where you want hair removed and the Nono!  removes the hair. Nono!  is a form of epilation and not only removes hair from the surface, but also from below the surface of the skin. Because nono!  removes the hair below the surface, it takes longer to grow back than if you used a razor. Nono!  uses Thermicon technology to remove hair. Thermicon is a form of heat that destroys the hair and manages to do so without burning your skin. According to nono! , proper use of the device will result in several bene…

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