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Side French Twist Style

I am always playing with my hair.
It drives my hubby crazy because we will be watching a movie and I'm sitting on the couch pinning and twisting my hair.
I even have a bobby pin and elastic stash on the end table beside me, lol

A lot of my ideas are created this way - just playing around.

This style happened because I had just curled my hair, my house was so hot and I wanted to pin my hair back but still have the curls.

I tried a regular french twist with my hair loosely coming down on the top but it just kept coming loose.

Then I tried to twist the hair sideways and it worked.

Usually when I look at the back of my head in the mirror later it is a mess, this time I thought it looked quite nice.

 Add some flower accessories and you have  a nice dressy-casual style that only took seconds.

Hope you like this tutorial!

If you have any ideas for hair tutorials, please let me know :)

Thanks for supporting my blog 💕 ~Jennifer

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