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Best Hairstyles if you are Running Late

Fall is the best time to experiment with your style. You might not have the budget for new clothes or accessories but trying out new hairstyles can be a great way to change up your look.

These super easy hairstyles are perfect for those days when you’ve hit the snooze button a few too many times and can help you get that perfect hair in a few minutes.

Rock a ponytail Though it’s a classic style, there are plenty of ways to freshen up a ponytail. Easy Ponytail This is a quick easy ponytail that looks well put together.

Braided Ponytail
This adds a little something extra to a basic ponytail.

Wear a bun
Like the ponytail, a bun is a great go-to hairstyle that you can dress up or down for work, school or special occasions. Buns are easier to make if you haven’t washed your hair for a day or two. If you just washed your hair, you can add some texturizing spray for more hold and to add a little more grit.

Easy Messy yet Dressy Casual Bun The Mid Bun This is a great style that can also be dressy…

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