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The Best Blotting Sheets for Oily Skin

Those of us with oily skin will know how annoying it is to have a permanent shine of your face throughout the day.
Unlike toilet paper or even tissue, blotting sheets or blotting papers are made of an extra-absorbent material that usually includes ingredients like rice, cotton, and even flax seed.
Blotting sheets work by soaking up excess oil on the skin, making it look and feel more matte.
If you don't want your complexion to be completely shine-free, you can use the sheets to target specific areas while leaving others — like your cheeks — still dewy.
Blotting papers won’t disrupt your makeup and are convenient, making them super-easy for mid-day touch-ups and they're usually pretty inexpensive.
Here is a list of my favorite blotting papers which might just convince you to add blotting sheets to your routine!
Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets These sheets can be used with all skin types and are highly absorbent — even with a single sheet.
They don't leave behind any pow…

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