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RawSpiceBar Review

It’s so easy to fall back on the same meals time and again making meals boring so when RawSpiceBar contacted me last year and offered to send me some spices in lieu of an honest review, I jumped at the chance and have loved their spices ever since!

I was excited to try their subscription box because I love spices and the concept is so unique.   If you’ve needed a little more creativity in your kitchen I think you’re really going to love this!
RawSpiceBar has a new build your own subscription box delivering a small collection of freshly-ground spice blends directly to your door.

The spices are toasted and ground individually right before being packaged and you can tell by the deep flavors and amazing aromas the spices have.
After answering a few questions like diet, favorite foods to cook, favorite ingredients to use and subscription frequency, RawSpiceBar will send you 3 freshly ground spice blends from one geography or region. There are enough spices to create 3 dishes serving 8-12 …

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