Hair Salon Mishaps

I have had quite a few hair salon mishaps. Which is why I don't really like going to the salon ( sorry stylists). Well, I might go to the salon... maybe... twice ... a year... I know it's bad...I actually prefer to go to a hair design college. I feel they are up -to- date with current styles, cuts, color etc. There is always an instructor close by and checking on how things are going. Not to mention it is less expensive than a salon. I personally haven't had any mishaps going to the college. The one I like in Edmonton is called Marvel College.

On to some of my mishaps...

#1.One time I went to a  salon I had long hair past my shoulders, I only wanted a trim. The stylist went crazy with the layers, I ended up with a feathered Farrah Fawcett type mullet... not cute...I pretty much had to cut my long hair into a short bob, myself. 

#2. Another time I decided to get a soft perm (I hated my curls at the time and was tired of straightening my hair every day). I thought if I got a soft perm the curls would be more controllable. Anyways, the stylist at the salon kept the perm solution in my hair for 45 minutes! Again I had hair past my shoulders and when it was done I looked like "Scary Spice" - not a good look for me! My hair was so damaged, the ends were breaking off. Needless to say, I had to wear my hair back for many months. Even when I went to other salons to fix it, besides doing a conditioning treatment, they couldn't or wouldn't do anything because of the damaged hair. 

#3. I naturally have dark brown hair, I decided to gradually go to having blonde hair - Ultra Light Blonde! While on vacation I decided I needed to get my roots done, I went to a salon recommended by my friend. It looked great! Later on that day my scalp hurt, it was probably sensitive from the dye. The next day it hurt more. I went to brush my hair and clumps were coming out, my scalp really hurt! I took a look and there huge red patches. Some areas were very sensitive. I gently deep conditioned my hair and scalp and a few weeks later it was gone. I think my scalp literally got burnt.

These by the way happened years apart from each other. It's my way of explaining why I would rather go to a college or just do the cut or color myself.

Any hair mishaps? I'd love to hear some stories!