Why I started a YouTube Channel

I've always looked everything up on YouTube, anything from hair to home repair. 

While I was getting inspiration for my wedding hairstyle, I noticed majority of the ladies had long straight hair.
I have mid length thick, curly/wavy hair. Some of the styles would not work with my hair type and texture. It was tough finding the look I wanted... 

While on my honeymoon, I made videos for family and friends - vacation day 1, vacation day 2 type videos just using my coolpix camera. I felt natural doing them... 

When I got back to the real world (normal life), I thought I would just try doing a tutorial - Bang Twist - it was easy and I thought it turned out well. I did a few more tutorials and I was just on the landing of my stairs - without a mirror, I had to hope it turned out. 

I then started a channel. I thought, there must be others who have my hair issues. Once posted I received a few "likes" and a subscriber or two and then a few nice comments. It felt great! 

And now it's progressed to a blog, Pinterest, Twitter!!
I'm excited to grow more!! I'm just getting started ;)