High Five Friday

It’s Friday and Valentine’s Day!!
Hope you all had a good week!
Here are my High Five moments for the week!

1.    It’s Friday!!!!
It has been such a loooong week, seemed to go on forever…Probably because it is a long weekend in Alberta (Monday is Family day!)
I didn’t sleep well all week  - tossed and turned a lot and then I snoozed my alarm too many times and was almost late for work every day this week ( I was late on WednesdayL).
So I am very grateful it finally is Friday!

2.    Today is Valentine’s Day!
My First as a married woman :)  
I will admit although I am glad to have my husband, I do miss the single girl Valentine’s I used to have.
My friend, sister or cousin (whoever was single) would go out for dinner, buy each other a little gift and watch some girly romantic comedies. They were fun!
It is going to be a relaxing night for this years valentine’s , we both have to work, so I will make dinner and we will actually sit at our dining room table - as opposed to sitting on the couch watching T.V– we need to have dinners at the table more often…
This year we decided to make crafts for each other instead of buying gifts, so it will be interesting to see what we made for each other.
For all the years I wished I had a valentine I’m very glad I finally have on, and an amazing one at that!

3.    Quality time with my boys.
I've been so busy lately that I really haven’t been able to spend time with my kitty cats.
It seems the time goes by so fast, I go to work, come home, make dinner, clean up, maybe work on a blog and then it’s time for bed…
This week I made time and sat with my cats and watched some T.V, I had two on each side of my legs and one sitting above my head on the couch, love those moments!
 I am definitely going to make more time for that!

4.    I donated blood yesterday!
I have 0+ blood type and used to donate regularly.
I haven’t donated in such a long time because the last time I donated I felt sick and almost fainted – I didn’t really eat or drink fluids that day – it was a spur of the moment thing with some friends.
I was a bit nervous this time and it went by really quick, my donation time was about 10 – 15 minutes – I did feel a little light-headed and tired for the rest of the day. But to know I might save a life makes it worth it. There was a mobile clinic close to work so I went on my lunch break. Please donate at your nearest clinic, you could save a life!

5.    The last moment of the week is the weather.
It has been bitterly cold and is going to be warming up – well for the weekend anyway.
We will see how next week goes….
In Edmonton, Alberta, Canada the weather changes so fast, one moment it is warm and the next is a blizzard.
It has been in the -30’s (Celsius) with wind-chill, this weekend it warms up to -5C. For Albertans this is considered as nice weather, haha!
I’ll probably go for a walk with my hubby and the cats can go out in the backyard on their leashes. It will be a nice weekend!

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