High Five Friday

It's Friday!! 
This has been a slow week for me... I was sick with a stomach bug on the weekend and slowly was recuperating. 
Unfortunately I didn't do much at all... Most of my high fives will be blogging related as I only felt like laying or sitting...

Here are my High Fives for the week:

1. Valentine's day was wonderful! It was before I was sick. This year my husband and I decided to make crafts for each other. I was really interested to see what he would come up with! And it was even better than anything I could expect. That is the great thing about our relationship - we are always finding new things about each other - who knew we could be so crafty! 

This is what I made:
I put some honeymoon pictures on canvas and made a date jar.

This is what my husband made:

A black cat jewelry box! Amazing!

2. While I was sick with the flu, my cats were quite comforting. They must have known I wasn't feeling well and tried  to comfort me. Cola is always a momma's boy and likes to sit with me and snuggle. This weekend he gave me extra attention. 

I pretty much slept and they slept with me. 

Bats also was quite attentive, he is usually my husbands best friend. This weekend wherever I went Bats followed - in the kitchen for a drink, to the washroom to splash some water on my face - he was there. 

He also slept with me when Cola wasn't ( Bats is abit of a bully with the others - his "territory" is basically the whole house).

Time with the kitty-cats is always nice especially when I am sick.

3. The weather warmed up a bit here in Edmonton ( for a few days). On Wednesday it was -5C, on my way home it was snowing. Great big snow flakes - this is the part of winter I like! It was beautiful! I tried to take pictures of the snow but they didn't show up on camera...

4. I am always looking for ways to curl my hair with no heat. I always see tutorials where the lady twists her hair, goes to sleep and the next morning her hair has beautiful waves/ curls. Well, this never works for my hair... Until now...

I am actually excited that I found something that works for my hair! I will have a tutorial up soon but for now here is a sneak peak: 

5. I was introduced to Link Parties this week and they are great! 

Link parties are an opportunity for you to share your work on other websites, as well as find new inspiration as you discover other bloggers who link up! This is great for a new blogger like myself!
I have found much more than what I expected. There are DIY Carafts, recipes, home decor posts. It even inspired me to start a link party! Wednesdays and Thursdays!  Join me!

Well, I guess that's it for this High Five Friday!

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Hope you had a great week and please link up your High Fives with me!