High Five Friday

It’s Friday!!
Hope you all had a good week!
Here are my High Five moments for the week!

1.    It’s Friday!!!!
It has been such a long week, seemed to go on forever…Probably because I was sick last week… It sure takes a while to recuperate…the older I get…
I am feeling better now J
So I am very grateful it finally is Friday!

2.    My boys are so silly!
Cola is always a momma’s boy and wants to be with me all the time. I was working on my laptop with Coco beside me. Cola decided to lay on half me half my laptop… So silly!

(He was like this for a long time before I took the pic.)

Here is Coco.

And Bats.

Cats sure sleep in odd positions… But they sure are cute!

3.    I am addicted to Kale chips!
I have made them 3 times this week( super easy to make - they just don't last long, haha)… They are sooooo good for munching on! I think I’ll be sharing the recipe soon J

4.    The downer part of the week is the weather.
It has been bitterly cold and staying that way…
I am definitely getting cabin fever. I want to go out and take walks – do errands after work but it is too cold (-31C and windy) …

5.    The Oscars!!
It is my favorite award show!
The beautiful dresses, the hairstyles, the men looking amazing in suits and tuxedos.

Hope you have a great weekend!
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