How to apply Gel Liner

I have tried many different types of  eyeliners, from pencil, kohl and liquid liner but gel liner is my absolute favorite!
At first I was scared... Using a brush, having a steady hand...
But I took my time, experimented and found the best way to apply the liner.
I find Gel Liner to be the best! It really makes my eyes POP!
Here are my tips to applying this type of liner.

I like to use L'Oreal Paris Infallible 24 hr Lacquer Liner.  I prefer to use an angled brush, it provides easier application.

 Apply eye shadow

 Starting at the inner lash line( with a steady hand), look down (and in a mirror) and slowly glide the brush as close to lashes to the outer corner of eye. I usually only have to dip the brush 2 times into gel during application.
Make sure to fill in any areas missed close to lash line. Double check that it is even ;) 

(You can sort of see a difference between each eye.)

Now apply to the other eye, again making sure both eyes are even.

Apply Mascara

And now you are good to go!!

Hope you find it helpful :)