Kitty cat love

This weekend I was sick with the stomach flu...
I felt horrible and basically stayed on my recliner all day.

The one thing I love (among many others) about cats is they somehow know when you are feeling sick and they want to comfort you.

My cat Bats, he's the youngest and is usually my husbands BFF, was with me all weekend.

I pretty much slept the weekend away and he was with me the whole time.

When I went into the kitchen for a drink, he was right there with me, when I went upstairs to splash my face with water he was there.

I had the chills and he made sure to keep me nice and warm :)

He's so long, almost as long as my legs, lol

I loved that he wanted to be there for me.
Pets love is the best!

Let me know of your pet stories :)