I have always had problems finding the right foundation. I have fair skin, it's always difficult  finding the right color - either it's too light or it's too dark. I have combination skin sometimes dry sometimes oily, it was difficult finding something that conquered both...
And then there's the blemishes... I have large pores and like to have the look of a flawless complexion. 

Foundations in the liquid form ( for me) can feel heavy - I feel like I am wearing a mask...And I always had that pesky line on my chin - no matter what I did...

I have found mineral powder foundation works the best for my skin issues. It goes on light but gives me full coverage at the same time.  The finely crushed particles make the makeup easy to remove, and is less likely to produce a chalky or overly done look, as long as the makeup is correctly blended into the skin. Most also come with an SPF 15. 

Here are some of my Favorites:

Thank you for reading!