February Favorites

This is a list of the items I have used throughout February and I really liked! The best part is they are under $10, well with the exception of two items.
I had to include them because I thought they were so great!
I love finding new items to try! 
Some work and some don’t… 
I’ve been lucky to mostly find items that are good quality and for a great price.

I want to show that just because a product is “cheap” doesn’t necessarily mean the quality is cheap

I’ve also included the links as well as my February Favorite’s video.
Please leave any comments on what you think of these products!

-         great color selection
-         love that crayon extends more
-         glossy with a bit of color
-         goes on smooth
-         Stays on for long time

-         decided to go with a peach color
-         love that I can use all 3 colors or use the darker ones for contouring and lighter one for highlighting
-         goes on light and soft
-         has a hint of shimmer

-         Love the 2 sides
-         One side volume – other side lengthens
-         Works great together
-         Doesn’t flake

-         light color
-         soft and smooth
-         excellent price

-         love the colors
-         great for smoky look
-         shadow stays all day
-         love that it has the numbers to show which shadows to use

OVER $10

-         used on eye area and felt slight tightening
-         soft and dries fast
-         eyes look refreshed

-         the best I have ever used
-         dries instantly
-         can do nail art right away

Thank you for reading!
*These links are not affiliate links, I am not receiving any commission . I am purely voicing my opinion and my personal style*