Getting your mind and body summer ready

It struck me this  week, that it is spring, although the weather in Edmonton, AB, Canada doesn't seem spring- like.
This means in no time it will be summer, which means shorter sleeves, higher hemlines and (gasp!) swimsuits.

By the time summer arrives, I'm usually caught with ghostly-pale skin, dry elbows, knees and ankles, and a general lack of muscle tone all over.
This year, though, I'm hoping to plan ahead to ensure I'm ready to bare (my legs and arms).


Change your soap

Swap harsh soaps for a skin-softening body wash that is free of chemicals and preferably organic.

Fix dry skin

They are hidden away all winter under thermal underwear and thick socks, so it's easy to neglect the dry spots on your knees, elbows, ankles and feet.

Start exfoliating with an oil-based salt scrub daily before showering. After showering, massage in rich, thick body butter.

Bath Petals - Greek Honey Mint Sea Salt Souffle

DIY: Make a thick paste from a handful of sea salt, almond oil and the juice of half a small lemon. Massage into dry skin. Rinse away and slather on coconut oil.

Swap lotion for oil

Oils are similar to the sebum in our skin, so oils are more easily absorbed than lotions.

Argan Oil Body Emulsifying Dry Oil
DIY: To 30 ml of almond oil, add four drops each of juniper berry and rosemary essential oils, and three drops each of cypress and patchouli oils.
It's hydrating and firming.

Get active

Combine muscle-strengthening and stretching with cardiovascular training. 

Try: Pilates, yoga and strength work to sculpt and lengthen muscles. Start by taking  a short brisk walk everyday.

Get fitted for a bra

A correctly fitted bra creates feminine curves.  85% of women are wearing the wrong sized bra. The right, or wrong, bra can entirely change the look and feel of the rest of an outfit. Of course, the right bra promotes comfort and a great look. 

 Most Department stores offer a complimentary bra-fitting service in their lingerie departments, with no need to book appointments. Call your favorite lingerie store to find out about getting sized.

Set a hair-removal routine

Have you let your waxing slide over winter? Start a regular routine now.

Waxing, shaving, laser hair removal – stay consistent with your routine

Get a golden glow

A subtle tan enhances muscle and skin tone. Use a natural formula that imparts a subtle color.

L'Oreal Paris Sublime Bronze Luminous Bronzer

DIY Sunless TannerSoak Tea Bags, remove from heat, take out tea bags. Let sit until completely cooled - about 1 hour. Add the coconut oil, mix together. Pour into a spray bottle or container.
Apply to body and rub in with hands. Let completely dry in between applications.

Hope you like these tips and are summer ready in no time!