How to apply Concealer

When used correctly, concealer can brighten a tired face; it can cover up blemishes and can totally conceal under-eye circles. Once concealer application is mastered, many women decide to only use concealer and powder, completely skipping the foundation (I am not one of these women, I need my foundation).

Here are some tips to getting the perfect concealer application:

·         Choose the right concealer. Concealer is most commonly used to cover up two skin care woes: under-eye circles and blemishes.  It can also be used to camouflage scars, birthmarks, and other issues that cause uneven skin tone. Many different types of concealers are available, and you’ll generally want to use different types to combat different issues. You might find that a pinkish tone in a slightly heavier formula works best for my dark under-eye circles, whereas a lighter tinted and medicated formula will treat blemishes. Beauty counters and stores like Sephora allow you to test different shades and formulas. If you tend to get  more bronzed in the summer, you might need to go a shade darker.

·          Prepare your canvas. To avoid blemishes and have concealer go on smoothly, start by washing and drying your face well before putting on a light layer of oil-free moisturizer. Concealer won’t blend well on dry skin, so hydrating is important.

·         Blend well. The key to applying concealer, beyond selecting the right shade and formula for the job, is blending well. You want your skin to look flawless and natural, not “covered up.” Covering under-eye circles is tricky; gradually build up sheer layers of concealer for a more natural look. A few dots of concealer gently tapped (never rubbed) into the area and blended outward works well. When covering scars or blemishes, use a Q-tip to blend concealer in a circular motion, because using your finger can transfer oil to your face and further aggravate problem skin.

·        Above brow and nose. Apply concealer in a T shape above your brow (I do above about half of each brow), and down between your eyebrows over the top half of your nose.  A good rule to follow is two finger widths from the middle of your face on each side of your nose, and two finger widths starting from your eye brows down your nose.  You use the same technique as for under the eyes, practice makes perfect so practice.  Other areas to remember are the little creases of your nose along the outer edge of your nostrils and the cheek crease from your nose to the corners of your mouth.

·         Set the look. If you’re going to apply foundation, now is the time to blend it into your concealer; however, if you’re skipping this step, you’ll still want to set your concealer with loose powder; use a big fluffy brush. This step ensures that your concealer stays put, and it provides a nice matte finish.

Once I learned how to properly apply concealer and pick the right shade for my skin type, it instantly became a daily part of my makeup routine and I never leave home without it. 

Hope you find this helpful!
Thank you for reading!