How to enhance your natural eye color

They say “the eyes are the windows to our soul”, if it is true, we want them to be accented in the most flattering way possible.

We are creatures of beauty habits and can easily fall into a make up rut. Sometimes we need a nudge to try something new and then suddenly we wonder why we didn’t try it sooner.

Using eye shadow to enhance your natural eye color has always been in fashion, but thanks to some great new techniques and products, it’s never been easier to do. 

Here is a list of shades that look best on each eye color:

Brown Eyes: Peachy tones, gold, certain shades of blue and navy are also great. Smoky eyes, in warmer shades of chocolate, work well for evening.

Blue Eyes: Blue-eyed ladies look amazing in browns, camel, taupe and peach colors; finish off with a coppery eye liner.

Green Eyes:  Can wear plum, gold, rust and copper; champagne-colored liner along the outer rim of your eyes will make them stand out without the need for shadow or dark mascara.

Hazel Eyes: If you have blue-green hazel eyes or green–brown eyes, you can use the colors to play up the color you would like to enhance most.  

Violet Eyes: very unique!  You get to wear lots of chocolate browns, creams and grays.

Grey eyes: Mossy greens and deep purples are good for grey eyes, and even shades of grey itself work well.

- Always have a collection of neutral shadows to layer more dramatic colors on top of.

- Try not to choose colors that are an exact match of the actual eye color; it tends to make the eyes look dull.
-  Apply the color too heavily—you want the makeup to enhance not overpower the eyes.

Hope you found this helpful! Thank you for reading!