The Benefits of Living with a Cat

 I grew up with cats and dogs. I love them both, they are great companions!

Through most of my adult life I have lived in apartment buildings – most only allowed cats. I was lonely living all by myself and decided to get a cute furry black cat named Coco. Then I felt bad that he was alone while I was at work so I got him a brother (Cola). A year later Feisty was found abandoned in a warehouse, he was so cute I had to take him in. When I moved in with my husband one day he brought home a cute little kitten (Waffles) and a friend of ours found an abandoned kitten we call Bats.  I hope next we will get a dog once we move into a bigger house.

The point of my long (and possibly boring) story is that there are some benefits to being a cat person (or as my friends and family affectionately call me a “Cat Lady”) 


Living with an adorable feline comes with a lot of perks. A cuddle buddy when you curl up in front of the TV to watch a movie. Cats are a constant source of entertainment with hilarious antics and silly facial expressions. And of course, the knowledge that you’ll be greeted by a furry friend who’s overjoyed to see you the moment you walk in the door. It’s a no-brainer for any cat owner: living with a cat simply means living better.

Here are a just a few ways your kitty is improving your health and your life, without you even being aware of it:
1. Good for your heart. A study found over a 10-year period, cat owners are 30% less likely to die of a heart attack or stroke compared to those who don’t own a feline.

2. Healthy kids. It may sound bizarre, but kids who grow up with cats get sick less often than kids in a kitty-free home! In particular research shows babies are less likely to develop respiratory and ear infections.

3. A kickstart for your love life. Men, listen up. Ninety percent of single women believe men who own cats are “nicer” than non-cat owners. Guys looking to make a good impression on that first date should mention they are feline-friendly!

4. Overall wellness. It’s been proven that living with a cat will lower your blood pressure, your cholesterol and risk of developing depression. Kitties are good for the body and soul!

5. Environmentally-friendly. If you’re an animal lover with an appreciation for the great outdoors, owning a kitty can leave you with a clean conscience. The carbon footprint of a cat is equivalent to that of a Volkswagen Golf, while dogs, with their more demanding dietary needs, leave behind Hummer-sized footprints.

6. A faithful companion. Perhaps the most obvious benefit of sharing your life with a feline is constant, loving support. Your cat is there for you on good days and bad, when you’re going through a loss, the day you get a big promotion at work. Kitties provide pure, heartfelt affection; a Swiss study even found owning a cat provides the emotional equivalent of a romantic relationship.

These might be helpful when you have a dog lover debate, Hope you enjoyed reading :)