Heatless Beachy Waves

I'm always on the look out for quick and easy ways to style my hair. 
It is quite a challenge with my curly / wavy hair (curly on bottom and wavy on top) - it just wants to do it's own thing and be difficult. 

I always see tutorials where someone wraps their hair in little buns or twists the hair, goes to sleep and in the morning their hair has beautiful curls.
It has never worked for my hair. My hair either comes out during the night or the natural curl comes through anyways and looks awful. 

Well, I finally found something that works for me! Which also means it will pretty much work on any hair type. 

This is my natural look...

Starting with damp hair, I basically put my hair into a twisted crown braid:

I did the twisted crown braid messy in the pictures but it is a cute style that can also be worn throughout the day. 
So if you want the beachy waves for an evening look, you can easily do errands during the day wearing the crown braid until your hair is dry and have cute waves at night.
You can also wear this style to bed, it is very comfortable and only a few strands came out in my hair. 

This is the final result! 
It looks like I used a triple barrel waver on my hair but I just twisted it and went to sleep.

Here is a full tutorial on how I achieved this look:
(I decided to do the tutorial in my bathroom and the fan is loud on camera, my apologies if it is annoying...)

Hope you enjoy and thank you for reading!