Easy Nail Design

I love painting my nails. I am always trying new colors and trying to make designs.
I don't have any fancy tools, just a steady hand.

Here is my current favorite way to do nail design using scotch tape.

It's simple and easy.
All you need is: A base coat, 2 different nail polish colors, scotch tape, top coat.
You will need to let each color dry in between application or you can use quick dry drops. 

Here are the steps:

1. Start with Base Coat 
2. Apply Top Color
3. Cut Scotch Tape into 2 pieces (I like to put Scotch Tape on back of hand a couple of times to make it less sticky. If it is too sticky the polish might come off)
4. Apply tape to nail on an angle
5. Apply new color
6. After waiting 1 - 2 minutes, slowly peel off tape
7. Apply Top Coat

Here is a video Tutorial showing the steps to this nail design.
Hope you like your new nail design!!