No Tools Nail Art

I'm always playing with designs on my nails.
I like to try easy was to do nail art besides always having a french tip.

Here is a great way to have a design on your nails without using tools.
All you need is a base coat, 2 colors of nail polish, top coat and TaDa Quick Dry Polish Drops if needed.

Here are the simple steps to achieving this nail art look.

- Apply Base Coat
- Apply Base Color
- Let completely dry
- Using second color, halfway down nail, paint something that looks like steps - one lower than the other

- Do the steps first and then paint in the rest of the nail
- Using the Base Color, just below the steps made with second color, paint steps

- Again fill in the area
- Apply Top Coat
- Apply TaDa Quick Dry Polish Drops

It really sounds more complicated than what it is...

Here is a video tutorial I did showing how I apply the nail polish.

Hope you like it :)
Have a great day!!