Tips For Natural Teeth Whitening

Before you try expensive cosmetic teeth whitening methods, try an inexpensive and natural ways to whiten teeth.
Here are some tips on how to make homemade teeth whitener using commonly available ingredients to improve the appearance of teeth.
The very first step to save money for teeth bleaching is to limit the consumption of foods that have a negative impact on your teeth. Yellow teeth can be an indication of poor dental hygiene, but also of poor nutrition. Food and beverage items that can cause staining on teeth are cigarettes, red wine, carbonated soft drinks, coffee, chocolate, and black tea. Blueberries and acidic juices are quite problematic too.

How to bleach and remove yellow plaque
It is important to ensure a good health regime.
Apples and Carrots have traditionally been great for removal of bacteria and natural ways to whiten teeth. The same homemade teeth whitening effect can also be used with cucumber, cauliflower, celery and pear. Eating these foods increases saliva production and then acts together with the fiber contained in these foods.
Strawberries contain an enzyme that is able to naturally whiten teeth. If you decide to whiten teeth using strawberries, try to use this procedure:
-select a few strawberries
-clean and mash until it is a mixture
 Using a clean toothbrush, apply a thick layer of strawberry mixture on your teeth.
Leave it on your teeth two to five minutes and then rinse thoroughly.
You should clean your teeth with fluoride toothpaste to prevent some acids which are presented in strawberries from damaging teeth.

Another strawberry mixture:
-select a few strawberries
-clean and mash until it is a mixture
-add a small amount of baking soda
** Use this natural way to whiten teeth only once a week, as with bigger frequency you take a risk that acid presented in strawberries may damage tooth enamel. **

Natural Teeth Whitening With Herbs


Sage leaves have bleaching effect.
-Sun-dry herbs
-crush them
-then it is used as a paste
Herbs often help eliminate other dental problems such as inflamed or bleeding gums, gingivitis, thrush, bad breath and toothaches. Other, but less known herbs are Tulsi or Holy Basil. They can also help to keep teeth white naturally.

Easy Natural Ways to Keep Your Teeth White


·               Immediately after each meal you should at least rinse your mouth or better clean teeth. Teeth need to be cleaned at least once every twelve hours.

·               Drink lots of water throughout the day to keep your teeth hydrated and partially remove dental plaque.
·               Chew sugar-free gums. This increases the production of saliva, which naturally cleans the tooth surface.
·               Brush your teeth with toothbrush with soft bristles. Replace the toothbrush every month, or once you find that the bristles are not as strong as when first purchased.
·               Do not drink too hot nor too cold drinks.


Whitening Teeth with Baking Soda

This is a very effective way of natural teeth whitening.


 Prepare a mixture consisting of the following ingredients:
-half a teaspoon of baking soda
-half a teaspoon of vinegar
-a pinch of salt
The mixture should look like a paste.
Brush your teeth for a few minutes and rinse the mixture.
This procedure should remove bacteria and protect teeth.

Another baking soda recipe is:
-mix one teaspoon of baking soda
-teaspoon of salt
Apply the mixture on your teeth for two minutes. Then rinse your teeth. Baking soda firms teeth and also removes stains on them.
**Use a baking soda paste no more than twice a month. **

With proper dental hygiene and a few of these natural ingredients, you will have whiter teeth in no time.

Hope you enjoy this!

Please let me know of any natural ways you whiten your teeth!