Swept to the Side Hairstyle

I love this style! It is so versatile, it can be a bit messy or nice and polished.
You can add some sparkly accessories or flowers to wear it for a formal event like a wedding or prom. You can have it a bit messy and more casual for a date night or wear with a nice summer dress.

I think the "Twist and Pull" technique I used works better on curled hair. When I tried it on my natural curly/wavy hair it didn't work quite as well. I recommend curling hair with a curling iron first.
You are more than welcome to experiment if you have curly or straight hair - it just didn't work with my natural hair.
It does use quite a bit of bobby pins, I would carry some extra in your purse or bag just in case the style loosens up.

Here is the tutorial showing how I achieved this style. To see other tutorials, please click the tutorials page.

Hope you like it!