Braided Bun hair tutorial

I have been wearing this style for years.
It can be dressy for a formal event or casual in the summer with a pretty summer dress.
It mixes a french braid and a bun.

It is fairly easy and can be quick once you have practiced a couple of times.

You can have bangs pinned back or down. I used a side bun but this style is pretty versatile and the bun can be on the back of the head as well. I have some loose tendrils on the sides of my face. Again, you can have them back if you would like.

This style works with any hair texture. Lengthwise, as long as hair can be put into a bun, it should look great!

In the video tutorial, I decided at the last minute to use a clear elastic for the bun.
If you have thick hair or the hair is not staying in place, I  recommend using the elastic first ;)

I hope you like this style:)

Here is the video tutorial: