What are Beauty Subscription Boxes?

Subscription Boxes

When I read my favorite blogs they would have a blog post of what they received in their most recent subscription box.

Basically a subscription box is a monthly, quarterly or yearly subscription in which you will receive 4 -5 sample products, some range as low as $9 and some are up to $60.

When I researched some subscription boxes was I was intrigued.
 “But why would I want to pay money for sample products?”
I thought it would be a one time tester… Not at all!!

Some boxes come with one or two full sized products along with some sample sizes – kind of like the tester size you can buy at drug store.
Essentially you are paying less than if you bought the items – tester size and all!

I will admit it is almost addicting – I started with one (Julep Maven) and then I decided to try two, then three I think I’m going to stay at four for now…

It is such a great deal! And it’s kind of exciting to know you have something coming in the mail - I know I need to get out more…
But it is fun trying products I might have never tried before.

Click here for a great list of subscription boxes, anywhere from beauty products to crafts to pets!

Most of my favorites are beauty related. They also had a beauty bio, they ask questions regarding skin type, and hair texture, eye colors and then boxes are based on the beauty bio.
 For example, if you have blue eyes they will most likely send products that will enhance your eye color or if aging and wrinkles are one of the issues you have with your skin, you will receive an anti wrinkle cream etc. Each persons box will be different.

Here is a list of my favorite subscriptions:

-          $19.99
-          3, 6 and 9 month memberships
-          Depending on your Maven Style Profile  - you will receive 1 – 2 full sized products and 1 – 2 limited–edition products
-          Love the nail Polish – it glides on nails, dries fast and lasts!
-          Love the color selection!

-          $12 (+ shipping for Canada)
-          3, 6 and 12 month subscription plans
-          Will receive 5 beauty samples – based on Beauty Survey
-          I love the range of items you receive – body wash, cuticle oil, make up

-          $10 + shipping(for Canada = $14.95)
-          Receive 5 products in Glam Bag – deluxe samples and full sized products, again based on beauty quiz you have given
-          Comes with an actual make up bag!
-          Love the range of products – eye shadow , make up brushes, lotions

-          $7 + shipping (varies from $0 - $5 depending on country)
-          Receive 2 pairs of really cute panties (can’t go wrong with that price!)
-          Different styles to choose from ( Fun, flirty and feminine)
-          Sizes from xs - xxl
-          Super comfortable
-          Fast shipping – I’m in Canada and I usually receive it within a week!

I hope this was helpful and hope you find a subscription box or two, three…!
Thank you for reading!