Cult Cosmetics Blackbox


I am addicted to beauty subscription services....

I recently had to try a new one. I saw an ad posted on FaceBook and was intrigued.

Once I went on the Cult Cosmetics website I loved the colors and the price was right. I thought you can't go wrong receiving a subscription box for 50% off. The add-ons are amazing too ( can't go wrong with $0.01 - $5.99).

Cult Cosmetics has nail polish, makeup and nail brushes and other accessories.

All together I believe including the shipping I paid close to $19.99.
The shipping was really fast! I am in Canada, sometimes it can take awhile for shipping.
I placed my order on a Thursday and I received my box the following Wednesday! Very fast!

I ordered 2 Nail polishes, added a Mattifying Top Coat and a makeup brush set.

In my box was a little note apologizing for the late shipping and included was a white nail striper and Crystal colored Eyeshadow crayon!
 I'm not saying everyone will receive a gift but to me it shows a company cares about their customers.

The polishes are amazing. There are a variety of colors to choose from. The polish has staying power and doesn't chip right away.

I'm new to mattifying top coat and have to practice using it but so far I love the look it gives.

The white nail striper is going to be so fun to use and come up with new designs.

I loved the Crystal Eyeshadow crayon! I loved the color and used it everyday since I received the blackbox.  I find it makes my eyes really pop, and gives a refreshed look.

I can't wait to try the makeup brushes!

I am really happy with my new subscription so far!

If you want to check out Cult Cosmetics, please go to

Here is my video review:
Thank you for reading!

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