"No Time" Eyeshadow

We live in a fast world, where nobody has time for themselves. We are seeking  shortcuts in everything we do. We do not want to waste our time spending a lot of time for one thing. We want easy and less consuming ways for everything we do.

The same thing also applies for our makeup. We want to enhance our beauty with the help of makeup but we also do not want to waste our much time. There are some easy and fast methods of applying your makeup so that you look stunning in very less time.

 Always clean your face before you start applying your makeup. Wash your face. Never wear your make up on your yesterday’s makeup. This will only damage your skin.
Use a loose powder on your face.

Here are my tips for no time to a few minutes time eyeshadow application:

No time
Depending on the time you have you can do one of these tips or several of them.

- Curl your lashes - this will make eyes appear wide

- Using a white or nude eyeliner, apply to bottom waterline and inner corner. This makes the whites of the eyes brighter and give a wide eyed refreshed look.

More Time

- Apply eyeliner to eyes - this gives the eyes a nice POP

- Sweep a light shadow on eyes

- At this point you can apply a coat or two of mascara or you can continue to the next section.

2 Minutes Time

- Using a darker color, apply shadow at outer corner of eyes and work into the crease.

- Apply a lighter color just above lash line.

- With an eyeshadow crayon, line the inner corners(same as white eyeliner) and just above the eye liner. I find this gives the eyes a POP and gives a refreshed look.

- Apply a coat or two of mascara

 I applied makeup to one eye and not the other, I wanted to show the difference between the two eyes.

And you are ready to go about your day.

I hope you find these tips helpful :)