Ombré Nails using 2 colors

I am always on the lookout for nail designs that are fairly easy to do on myself. 

I love the look of Ombré nails. 
I thought it would be quite difficult but it is actually easy.

Ombré patterns have been everywhere. The French word ombré means "shaded," and in fashion it refers to something that starts out one color and then slowly morphs into another.

Sometimes the colors can go light to dark or dark to light. Some also have a light tip and go darker towards the cuticle area, others start light in cuticle area and go darker towards the tip.
In this tutorial, I am going dark to light and the tip will be the lighter area.

The only tool you need is a makeup sponge cut into smaller pieces. The pieces should be the width of your nails. You don't need to be super precise, the smaller the sponge the less clean up on fingers. 


Here is what you need:

- Base Coat
- 1 color Nail Polish
- 1 color Nail Polish( Darker or lighter than the other)
- Makeup Sponge
- Glitter Polish (Optional)
- Top Coat

Step 1:
Start by applying the base coat and base color - I chose to start with a darker color.

Step 2:
Make a big dot on the tip of nail.

Step 3: 
Using the sponge, gently pat the polish across tip of nail. When the polish starts to lighten, pat the sponge towards the middle of the nail.

Step 4: 
I like to put a very small amount of base color polish onto the sponge and gently pat in the center of the nail - I find this brings the colors together and gives it the Ombré effect.

Step 5:
This step is optional, I like to put some glitter on the nails - not a lot - just add a bit of sparkle. 

Step 5:
Add Top coat.

Here I used the same technique in a pink polish using light to dark effect.

Depending on your sponge, the polish might look textured and bumpy but the top coat should smooth it all out. 

Hope you enjoy your Ombré nails!