Polka Dot Nails

When I first saw these nails I thought they had to be way too hard for me to do myself.
But it is just the opposite! They were pretty easy!

You do need some sort of dotting tool.

I used a bobby pin for the larger dots and the tip of a pen for the small dots.

You can also cut off the end of a cotton swab, the back of a pen (opposite side of tip), eraser part of pencil, toothpick - anything flat and round.

I will put a few drops of polish on wax paper to dip the dotting tools into. You can use any surface that doesn't absorb the polish. I've seen people use CD's they are no longer using, Plastic container lids etc.

I started with a base coat. I used 2 different nail polish colors. A dark pink( Haddy) and a light pink (Ramona).
You can use any color combinations you would like.

And then finished with a top coat and Quick Dry Polish Drops.

Here are the steps:

- Base Coat
- 1 nail polish color
- 1 nail polish different color
- Top Coat

Step 1.
Apply base coat. Apply one color to each side of nail.

Step 2.
Using the large dotting tool (bobby pin) make large dots on nail using the opposite color.
* If the polish is becoming stringy, that means it is drying up, drop polish in another spot on wax paper and apply*

Step 3.
Using the smaller dotting tool (Pen tip) make small dots on nail using opposite color.

Step 4.
With the small dotting tool (Pen tip) dip it into base color and make a small dot in the middle of the large dots. ( I don't know why but I don't have a picture of this...)

Step 5.
Repeat all of the steps on the other color and you are done!!
Make large dots.

Add smaller dots

Make smaller dots in middle of large dots
Allow the polish to dry a bit before applying top coat as it will cause the polish to streak.

I thought this was a really neat look! I've received many compliments on them < blush >!

Hope you enjoy!!
If you have any ideas for other nail art designs, please let me know and I can try to do a tutorial in the future :)