Spring Pink Nails - no tools!!

When I saw this style I had to try it. It was very easy to do!
I think it is a great spring look for nails.
You can use any colors you would like as long as they are 3 shades lighter than one another.
If you have a thin nail brush or nail striper you can use those.
I used the thin side of the polish brush.

Here's what you need:

-Base Coat
-3 colors of same color of polish but each a shade lighter
-1 bottle white polish
-Top Coat

There are only 5 easy steps!

1. Apply Base coat and darkest color, let dry

2. Using 2 strokes, apply middle color to centre of nail

 3. Using thin side of nail brush, apply lightest color to centre of nail (1 line down centre)

4. Apply White polish down centre (1 line in centre)

5. Apply Top coat!!

Hope you enjoy!!