2 Buns into 1 hair Tutorial

I think I came up with this style because I had just cut layers into my hair and they were shorter than I intended. I couldn't put my hair back.

On bad hair days a girl's gotta put her hair back!

I thought "What if I made a messy bun in the middle of my head and another right underneath, then mesh them all together"... Surprisingly it worked!

This style is one of my go-to styles when I want to wear my hair back.

As you probably already know - I love styles that are messy but polished. With this style, the more bobby pins you use the more polished the look. The lesser bobby pins used is a more messy look.

I have thick hair and find Goody Spiral Pins work the best but you can use regular bobby pins as well.

Here is the Video Tutorial:

Hope you enjoy!
Have a great day :)