Easy Updo

Easy Updo

Today's tutorial is a really easy updo.
In the video it only took 4 minutes to style. 
It is a great style because it is really versatile. It can be messy like I did in the video or just by using a few more bobby pins it can be nice and polished. 
Great for everyday or for a formal event.

It only takes a clear elastic and some bobby pins.
 I think this style works on hair that has some curl to it. If you have straight hair I recommend curling the ends because if the hair is straight the ends will poke out more. 

This is an excellent style for thick hair. I have thick hair and never thought my hair could hold a style like this without using a thousand bobby pins.

(Just to let you know how easy this style is, this is one of my earlier videos and I didn't have a mirror to look at.) 

Hope you enjoy this tutorial!