1 Style 3 Ways

Today I wanted to show how easy it is to make a small change to a hairstyle and it is a different style.

It is the same but different.

It works for all hair lengths as long as you can put it in a low messy type bun. Straight, Curly, Wavy - it works for all hair textures. As you will see in the tutorial, I purposely left my hair frizzy and unruly to show it can look nice on the craziest of hair.

The first tutorial is a very casual messy style, great summer everyday style.

The second is a more polished look. For some reason, didn't turn out as I wanted - it looked messier than I intended.
I felt rushed when I was filming the tutorial (I don't know why) and the style is messy...

Tutorial #2 should look a little more polished, more like this:

Tutorial #3 is a formal look. This one is great for weddings, whether you are in the wedding or a guest, prom or any formal event.

In the Tutorials I used a braid technique but you can also twist the hair as well.

They all are fast and easy styles, people will think you spent hours twisting, braiding and pinning the style together when it only takes minutes.

I hope you like this tutorial and please let me know if you like tutorial#1, updated tutorial #2(pictures) or Tutorial #3.

Please share any pictures with me if you have tried this style!!