No Tools Nail Art

Here is a an easy way to make your nails look pretty and it uses no tools!

I used 3 nail polish colors but you can be creative and try any colors you would like.
It is great for all occasions - dressy, casual...

Here is what you need:

- Base Coat
- 3 Nail polish colors
- Top Coat

Step 1:
Apply Base Coat and Base Color

Step 2:
Using a second color, swipe the polish across the tip of the nail at an angle, one side at a time, fill in the tip. It should have a "V" shape

Step 3:
Using a third color(I chose Black for some POP), same technique as step 2, swipe the polish across tip of nail at an angle lower than the second color, and repeat on other side of nail

Step 4:
Apply Top Coat

This is such an easy design to apply, if you have trouble getting the "V" shape (it took some practice for me), you can paint a straight line across the nail for a great look.

Here's one I did in pink:

Hope you like this!
Please let me know of any nail art designs you would like to see :)

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