Polka Dot French Tip Nails

I always like a french tip nail. It goes with every occasion and always looks nice.
Sometimes I like to change it up about instead of having the traditional french tip.

With this tutorial, I added polka dots using a bobby pin and a pen.
As I mentioned in my Polka Dot Nails Blog Post, you can use a bobby pin, cut the end of cotton swab, the back of a pen, eraser part of a pencil, a toothpick - anything flat and round.

I used the bobby pin for large dots and the pen for small dots.

Here is what you need:

- Base Coat
- 2 Nail polish Colors
- Dotting tool (pen, bobby pin)
- Top Coat

Step 1:

Apply base coat and base color, I chose a light pink color.

Step 2:

Using a darker color, apply to the tips of nails

Step 3:

Drop a few drops of base color onto wax paper, dip bobby pin into polish, apply large dots to tip of nail.

Step 4:

Dip pen tip into polish on wax paper, apply smaller dots to tip of nail.

Step 5:

Allow dots to dry 30 seconds or so to prevent the colors from combining together( there's a word for that but I can't remember it right now...)
Using the pen tip, dip it into the darker color and apply to the middle of large dots.

Apply top coat and you are done!

Hope you enjoy :)

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