Splatter Nails

Here is a simple easy design using no tools! I think it has kind of an art deco look.
The great thing about this nail design is that you are the artist creating the design. Although you really are just splattering paint on, I felt like an artist, planning which color to use next, where it should go, how much color to use.
You can use 2 or more colors, I used 5 colors.

I had fun playing with this nail design.

Here is what you need:

- Base Coat
- Light nail polish for Base Color
- Several different colors of nail polish
- Top Coat

Step 1:
Apply Base Coat and Base color, I find using a light base color brightens the other colors

Step 2:
Wipe the nail polish brush along the sides of the bottle to get very little polish on brush.
Swipe, dab, blot or brush over nail.
Repeat with other colors until you are happy with the look

Step 3:
Apply Top Coat

It is that easy!!

Here are a few extra things I did to the nails as well.

Using tape on an angle across the nail

 I painted on a black color

Let the polish dry for a few seconds

And you have a whole new design!

(For this I used Yellow and Green polish)

Hope you enjoy this simple and easy Splatter nail design!