ApiHappi Handloom Bags

I was looking online for handbags and I came across ApiHappi loved the idea behind the company.

ApiHappi is a company based in Sri Lanka that wants to make the world a better place. 
Women create unique and beautiful stringy bags out of Sri Lankan Handloom Fabric. The Handloom is a manual machine that is used by women in Sri Lanka to create authentic material. 
In Sri Lanka there are poverty stricken areas, this provides the handloomers with a steady income.

The ApiHappi School-Bag Program
All over Sri Lanka there are poverty stricken areas where children are struggling to receive a basic education. 
After the Tsunami and the Sri Lankan Civil War have passed, many organizations have contributed to develop new schools and rebuild schools that were unusable. 
Now that these children have a place to learn, it is crucial that they are provided with the basic necessities they need go to school, such as books, pencils, and of course backpacks .

For every purchase, ApiHappi provides a school-bag to a child in rural Sri Lanka.
With the profits that the company collects from each purchase made online they are able to create one school-bag for a child in need.

Their first goal is to get to 1000  school-bags into schools along the Southern Coast (From Kalutara to Kataragama). That would ensure that children in at least a hundred schools will have great ApiHappi Backpacks while persuing their education.

To help  ApiHappi  acheive their goal, Click HERE to purchase your stringy bag (most bags range from $30 - $50)!