Bridal Lace French Tip

I wish I knew some of the things I know now, I would have used this nail design for my wedding.
I  had a basic french tip and some glitter.

This was easy to do and looks beautiful. It doesn't have to be just for weddings - it can be for any special occasion or if you to have classic looking nails.

The tools I used was the tip of a pen and a toothpick.

Here is what you need:

- Base coat
- White polish
- Pink or Nude polish
- Gold glitter polish
- Pen (or a dotting tool)
- Toothpick
- Top Coat

Step 1:
Apply Base coat and Pink or Nude polish, allow to dry.

Step 2:
Apply white polish to tips of nails. Let Dry.

Step 3:
Apply the Gold Glitter polish to tips leaving some white showing.

Step 4:
Using the Pen or dotting tool, apply dots over the gold polish.

Step 5:
Use a toothpick to swirl the dots around, making a lace look.

Step 6:
You can leave it like this or add some white dots above the white tips similar to my Lace French Tip Nails Pictorial, then add smaller pink dots for a lace effect.

Step 7:
Let nails dry a few minutes to prevent smudging and apply a generous amount of Top coat to seal in the design.

Please don't make the same mistake I did on my pinkie nails... Make sure the pen is empty otherwise you will have blue dots...

Please share your nail designs with me on Instagram and use #BU10, I would love to see them :)