Confetti Nail Design - No Tools

 Confetti Nails

I like trying to find nail designs that don't use tools. It makes life easier sometimes. 
I was playing with my nails, I wanted something colorful but didn't want to use any tools. 
I started dabbing colors onto my nails and it reminded me of confetti. 

I thought it looked really cute - a party on my nails!

I used pink, blue, yellow and green. 
You can use any colors you have and as many colors as you would like.

I started with a white base color. 
I find using a white base color brightens the other colors, especially if they are light bright colors like yellow and green.

Here is what you need:

- Base coat
- White polish
- 2 or more different colors of nail polish
- Top Coat

Step 1:
Apply Base coat and white polish as base color. Let dry.

Step 2:
Dab first color in random places. I started with pink.

Step 3:
Continue to dab different colors of polish onto nails. My goal was to not leave any white showing.

Step 4:
Let nails dry for a few minutes to prevent smudging. Apply a generous amount of top coat.

I think was the easiest nail design!

If you have any nail designs you would like me to post please let me know!
Please share your nail designs with me on Instagram and use #BU10, I would love to see them :)