Easy Breakfast Casserole

I'm not much of a cook although I love to cook. I like to stay with pretty easy dishes.
I have mentioned before that I love Saturday morning breakfast. I am usually busy during the week and make the easiest things - Mac and Cheese, Burgers etc.
Saturday mornings I like to take a little more time for cooking.

Here is an easy dish I put together because I was bored with the usual bacon, egg, hash brown breakfast.
Same ingredients mixed together.

It is filling and flavorful.

I don't have specific measurements because I just eyeball ingredients as I go.
There are only 2 people in my household, you can use a bigger baking dish and more ingredients than I did.

Here is the recipe:

- 9 x 9 Square Baking dish
- Eggs
- Cooked Bacon, Ham or Sausage
- Hash Browns
- Cheese
- Salt and Pepper
- Paprika
- Parsley
- Aluminum Foil

Preheat oven to 375 F.
Start by layering the cooked Ham, Bacon or sausage on the bottom of the pan.

Add hash browns. You can also use Tater tots. Add Cheese.

Beat 4 - 5 eggs. Add salt, pepper and I like a pinch of paprika (you can use any spices you like).

Pour egg mixture over the hash browns making sure hash browns are fully covered with mixture.

Add more cheese.

Loosely place aluminium foil over pan. ( I don't know why this pic is so dark...)

Cook for approximately 15 - 20 minutes, making sure eggs are completely cooked.

I like to garnish with parsley flakes.

Nice easy breakfast!

Hope you enjoy :)

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