Easy Flower Nail Design

I always thought you needed to be an expert in order to create your own flower nail design.

I didn't realize just how easy it is!

The best thing is for a dotting tool I used a sewing pin.

It's nice when you can grab a household item to work with :)

The steps are very simple and it doesn't take a lot of time to create cute flowers.

Here are the steps:

Step 1:
Apply Base coat and Base color.

Step 2:
Using the sharp part of sewing pin, dip into nail polish. Apply 5 dots in a circle. (Using the sharp part makes smaller dots and allows you to apply more flowers to nail - I personally liked the smaller dots better)

Step 3:
Wipe the sewing pin so it is free of polish (quick wipe is fine). Using pointy end, place in center of a dot and gently pull polish to center of the circle. This gives a petal look. Repeat with each dot. You may need to wipe off the point after each swipe. The polish needs to be wet so you will need to work quickly.

Step 4:
Repeat steps again to apply more flowers. I like to think in this order - dot, wipe, swipe - it helped me remember the steps...

Step 5:
Apply a dot into the center of flowers (using a different color than flower).

To make half flowers in corners of nail, make 3 or 4 dots instead of 5 and then wipe and swipe.
Super easy!! 

Don't forget to apply a generous amount of Top Coat to seal in your design.

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