Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!
Hope you had a good week!

It was a hot week...I'm not complaining, I know what Edmonton, AB winters are like....My house is hotter inside than it is outside, there is no air circulation in the house so fans don't really help...
I just keep reminding myself that I need to get A/C...

It rained last night and the house was nice and cool, it was nice to get a good nights sleep.

My poor boys, they have been so parched... and lazy...

They love going outside on their leashes.

They also like to stay in the cool basement.

I like to put ice cubes in their water, Scamp likes to play with the ice cubes...

It is supposed to be a cool weekend which will be make it a relaxing weekend, there is nothing better than snuggling inside when it is raining outside :)

I had a lot of favorites this week, it was hard to choose but here they are:

Please let me know if you have any favorites!!

Hope you have a good weekend :)