Wedding Tips for Brides-to-be

As my first year wedding anniversary approaches I am remembering all of the crazy preparation that went into it – not to mention the stress!

I can’t believe I planned a wedding in 8 months! We figured we should get married right away because time goes by so fast – 10 years later we could still be planning the wedding…

My wedding had its share of blunders but whose doesn't??
Here is just a few( I know they're not that bad but at the time it was bad):

- Forgot Men's Boutineers
- Forgot the "something Blue" Garder
- When I had dress fitting, we didn't check what it was like sitting in the dress, it was soooo tight, I couldn't even eat dinner - had to sit on the edge of chair and pray the seams weren't going to break open
- Pretty much everyone left once Dance Started, there wasn't even a dance because no one danced (I took song requests ahead of time to download specific songs - I had 400 songs on playlist that never got played).

I wanted to share some tips for Brides-to-be in hopes that their wedding day is as magical as it can be.

  •       Do what YOU want

If you want a small wedding – have one. 
If you want to dance down the isle – do it. 
It is your day (well you and hubby’s day). 
It is the one thing I read over and over when I went onto wedding sites for advice and ideas. 
The bride tried to please everyone else and regretted it because it wasn't what she wanted. 
Don’t be afraid to voice your opinion.

  •       Ask for Help

I am an independent person; I like to do things myself. 
I was a frugal bride and almost all decorations and thank you gifts were DIY.
I made coasters, table centerpieces, Thank you bags, kids gift bags, put together bouquets and boutineers, downloaded all music… 
I thought it would be too much trouble to have someone else take time out of their lives to help me. 
I was only putting more stress on myself. 
Ask as many people as you need to for help. 
Remember Less Stress is Best.

  •  Communicate with Wedding Party

Again, I didn't want to trouble anyone or be the annoying bride always talking about the wedding. I had the wedding on my mind for months whereas everyone else is going about their daily lives. In person I would go through things like the timeline or schedule, then I give / email / text schedules, timelines and other info. I thought the wedding party would have read / saved it but on the wedding day everyone was lost in what to do or how the evening was scheduled. I thought I was communicating well but no one knew what was going on. 
I needed to be more vocal. 
If you need to tell the same thing 1000 times - DO IT!

  •  Communicate and Compromise with your Spouse

Women have an idea of what their wedding will be like at an early age. Some men also have an idea.
Compromising is the key.
I know it’s called “The Bride’s Day” but it really is a day for both of you. When I would make plans or have an idea I would run it by my hubby. Sometimes he liked it and sometimes not. 
He gave his input and I gave mine. 
We were either on the same page or had to combine ideas into something we both liked.

  •   Be Happy – it’s only 1 day
Prepare for the marriage not the wedding day.
You get to start a new lifetime with someone that you love! 
For today, just take the time to LOVE.
Everything goes by so fast – I’m just starting to process some good moments in my wedding because that day I was so busy paying attention to the things that went wrong. I do wish I concentrated on the happy moments more.
If something goes wrong, take a deep breath and remember this is only one day. 

Take in every moment and enjoy!