How to do a fishtail braid

Tutorial Tuesday!

Fishtail braids are very easy to do, they take a little more time than a basic 3 strand braid. The look of this type of braid can be elegant but as with most of my styles it can also be casual/ messy looking as well.
For most of the summer I have been pinning my bangs back using a fishtail braid.

In my video I show how to do a fishtail braid and incorporate it into a boho type of look.

This braid can be used instead of a 3 strand braid in many styles.

You can add thin section to the braid or thick sections.

The picture below shows what the braid looks like with thicker sections

Here is a picture with thinner sections

I think I will be adding more fishtail braid styles to my videos.
I would like to show the versatility of this braid.

Hope you enjoy this tutorial :)