Nautical Nails Pictorial

I have seen the nautical theme everywhere this summer.
From clothing to shoes to hair accessories to nails.
It is so popular.

I had to try a nautical type of nail design.

This one is the most challenging pictorial so far.
It is not that difficult but has many steps.

For the nails with the anchor, I used the newer colors I had on hand, you can use any colors you would like.
For the waves I recommend staying with white and blue colors.

Here is what you need:

- Base coat
- White polish
- Blue polish
- Base color (Anchor nails)
- Color for anchor
- some sort of medium sized dotting tool (Bobby pin, Sewing pin)
- some sort of nail striper ( a toothpick, sharp part of pen/pencil)
- Top coat

Step 1:
Apply base coat to protect nails. Apply white polish to thumb, middle and pinkie fingers. Apply Base color to pointer and ring fingers. Let polish dry.

Step 2:
To make the waves, apply blue polish to the tips of the thumb, middle and pinkie fingernails - I apply to almost half of the nail.

Step 3:
Using a dotting tool dipped in white polish, make 2 or 3 dots just under the blue line ( I also go a bit to the right).

Step 4:
Now to make the anchor... Make a straight line down the middle of the nail. Don't worry, I have shaky hands so you will be able to do this too.

Step 5:
Make a "t" towards the top of the line(area closer to cuticle).

Step 6:
Now make a "U" shape at the bottom on each side. Anchor is almost done!

Step 7:
Using a dotting tool dipped in the same color as the anchor, make a dot on the top of the anchor.

Step 8:
Then dip dotting tool into base color and make a smaller dot in the middle of the dot.

Step 9:
Let polish dry for a minute and apply a generous amount of Top coat to seal in your design.

If you have any nail designs you would like me to post please let me know!
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