So easy Braided Updo

Tutorial Tuesday

I was visiting family yesterday for my mom's birthday. We roasted hot dogs over the fire, played hillbilly golf, crochet and musical chairs (for my 5 year old niece). 
It was so much fun!

I came home showered and was getting ready for bed when I realized I hadn't made a tutorial for today...

Normally I wouldn't mind but it was late and I would have had to make the video ( I make lots of bloopers so it usually takes me 3 - 4 times to record a video that can be used, haha), edit and upload video - my laptop isn't the fastest...

I had to think of something, my hair still wet - I would have had to blow dry my hair in my already hot (29C) house...

I decided to use this braided updo. Instead of making a video, I would make a pictorial.

This is a great style for wet and dry hair. I am surprised I haven't made a tutorial for this style yet.
The only tools needed are a few clear elastics and some bobby pins.

Start by making 2 braids on each side of the head.

Gently pull at each of the loops to make the braid more voluminous.

Wrap one braid around the back of the head, tucking in any ends that stick out. Bobby pin into place.

Repeat with the other braid.

There you have it!! 
A very simple style!

If you styled it when wet, you may need to adjust the bobby pins as the hair dries.
(as I mentioned it was late and my camera works better in natural light... so pics aren't the best...)

I hope you like this style and please let me know of any styles you would like to see!