As most of you already know, I love finding new subscription boxes.
I am always on the lookout for great deals.
Majority of the time I am very satisfied with the subscription.

As I was looking on the internet, I came across Wantable.com. It consists of beauty and fashion items.
There are 4 subscriptions you can choose from Make up, Accessories, Intimates and their newest addition Fitness.

Each category has a style quiz which allows you to customize your collection.

I really loved the detail the quiz went into. It shows colors and pictures, you click like, neutral or dislike - simple as that!

You receive 4 - 5 premium items - exactly what you like! Keep what you like and return what you don't - simple and hassle-free! How great is that!

Subscribe for $36.00 per month 

- or -

One time purchase for $40.00


When I signed up to receive my first collection, I was feeling like I already had several make up subscriptions... I don't wear jewelry often and the fitness collection hadn't started at that time, so I decided to try the intimate collection.

A couple weeks later ( I live in Canada) there was a small box in my mail. I felt ripped off - $36 for a small box??

I opened the box (skeptical) and was amazed at how much was actually in it!

I loved the colors the styles!! I was so excited to try them on!

I am patiently waiting for next month to arrive so I can see what I have in my next box!!

Wantable Intimates

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