Aluminium foil nail design

This might be the easiest nail design ever!

I would never think to use aluminium foil.

I was watching a tutorial in which they used striping tape, it was silver and shiny, that gave me an idea...

I cut a small piece of foil and cut that into small strips.

It looked so pretty!

I used the foil on accent nails but you can also apply to all of your nails.

I used thin strips but you can cut out any design. 

Here's what you need:

- Base Coat
- Base Color
- Aluminium foil strips
- Top Coat

Step 1:
Cut aluminium foil into thin strips.

Step 2:
Apply Base coat to protect the nails from discoloring. This also prevents the nail polish from chipping. Once base coat is dry apply a base color.

Step 3:
While the base color is still wet, apply the foil strips to the nail. Gently press the nail to make sure the foil is sticking to the nails, especially if the foil is on sides of nail.

Step 4:
Let dry a few minutes, apply top coat to seal in design. Once nails are dry use small scissors to cut any long pieces of foil from the nail.

And there you go!! A pretty nail design that only takes minutes!!

Coming in October: Halloween Series Nail designs!

Halloween Themed Welcome Box
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