Halloween Series: Black Cat Nails

If you look at my cats, you would notice I'm partial to mostly black cats.

I know the stigma or superstitions with black cats but they are super cute and affectionate.

Maybe I was a witch in a past life...

Here is a great way to have the black cat but not the bad luck :)

I have been wanting to try any kind of cat nail design for awhile now but never got around to it.
I liked this one so much it stayed on my nails for 2 weeks - I'm usually changing my polish at least once a week.

The tool I used was... <drum roll>... a toothpick!

I have used a toothpick as my nail art tool for every one of the nail design in my Halloween series.
It is such a handy tool!

I used the black cat on 2 accent nails but feel free to apply to all of your nails.

Here is what you need:

- Base Coat
- Base Color (Optional)
- Black nail polish
- White nail polish
- Yellow nail polish
- Top coat

Step 1:
Apply a base coat to the nails, this will help prevent the nails from staining as we are using black nail polish.
This step is optional. Apply a base color - I chose a nude polish.

Step 2:
Apply Black polish to the tips of the nails that will not have a cat.
Apply an Orange Stripe just above the black tip.

Step 3:
To make the cat:
Apply black polish to the tip of the nail in a dome shape.

Step 4:
Make 2 triangles on each side of the dome for ears.
Fill in the ears.

Step 5:
Using white polish, fill in small amount in the ears. Apply 2 dots for the eyes.
This will help  the yellow polish show up better against the black background.
Apply a cute little nose.

Step 6:
Apply yellow polish onto the eyes.

Step 7:
Apply a black stripe vertically through the center of the eyes.

Step 8:
Let the polish dry for a few minutes to prevent smudging and apply a generous amount of top coat.

The cats are so cute!!

Hope you like this nail pictorial :)