Halloween Series: Jack - o - Lantern Nails

What's Halloween without a couple of Jack-o-lanterns??

As a kid I always remember my parents bringing home some pumpkins and I knew it meant family time!
Even though my younger sisters were always annoying me, carving the pumpkins was one of the few times we actually got along!
Then mom would roast up the pumpkin seeds and we would have yummy salty pumpkin seeds for weeks.

It was a no-brainer that I had to include a jack-o-lantern nail pictorial.

This pictorial was actually really easy, mainly because I wasn't being super particular with the lines being perfect - I know when I carve pumpkins the eyes and nose are not always a perfect triangles.

The only tool I used for this design was a toothpick.
I am amazed how a toothpick is able to make different sized lines and also can be used to make dots - the best DIY tool in my opinion :)

Here is what you need:

- Base Coat
- Orange Nail Polish
- Yellow Nail Polish
- Black Nail Polish
- A striping tool ( see DIY Nail art tools)
- A Dotting tool ( see DIY Nail art tools)
- Top Coat

Step 1:
Prepare the nails by applying a base coat. This next step is optional. Apply yellow and orange polish to a makeup sponge and gently dab onto nails, you may need to reapply the polish and continue to dab onto nails a few more times. I found this gave texture and depth to the pumpkin.

(If you don't want to use this option, apply orange polish to the nails using 2 coats.)

Step 2:
Using a striping tool, make two black triangles for eyes,  make 3 dots in a triangle  then connect the dots and fill in. ( It doesn't need to be perfect)
(sorry, blurry pic...)

Step 3:
Using a striping tool, make two black slanted lines and fill in for the mouth. Again it doesn't need to be perfect. ( The imperfection gives the pumpkins more of a scary look)

Step 4:
Now take a dotting tool dipped in orange polish and apply 2 dots in the eyes. Apply 2 - 4 dots in the mouth for teeth.

Step 5:
Let polish dry for a few minutes to avoid smudging. Apply a generous amount of top coat to give the pumpkins some shine.

Cute but scary Jack-o-lanterns!!
So Adorable!

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