Halloween Series: Skull Nails

I normally don't like skulls, but recently I'm noticing they are coming out with girly types of skulls.

Pink and glittery. I'm kind of liking it!

It also gave me an idea!

Skull nails that look pretty.
Something I could wear but it still is feminine.

After several trials and tribulations I found starting with a silver base worked well.

I used pink for an accent nail but I found it didn't show up as well as the silver.

You can definitely try different colors to see which works best for you.

Here is what you need:

- Base Coat

- Sliver Polish
- Black Polish
- a Nail Striper (see DIY Nail art tools)
- a Dotting Tool (see DIY Nail tools)
(My tool for this design was a toothpick.)

Step 1:

To protect you nails, apply a base coat. Once dry apply the silver polish to nails.
Step 2:
Drop some black polish on a piece of wax paper. Dip your dotting tool into black polish and dot onto nails to make the eyes.

Step 3:
Using you nail striper, apply 2 lines under the eyes in the centre for the nose, apply small black lines to the tip of the nails.

Step 4: (Optional)
Apply black polish to the bottom sides of the nail for some definition.
Step 5:
Apply a Top Coat to seal in the design.

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