Love Book Online

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A few years ago I was looking for something to give my husband for his birthday. Something heartfelt and special. 
While browsing the internet for ideas I came across

It had exactly what I wanted! 
Deciding what to do was the question...

Relationship-wise they had a romantic coupon book, love coupons, why I love you books, quiz book for couples... the list goes on...

Another option is to make a personalized love book yourself. 

Once you set up an account, you can:

- Decide if you want a hard cover or soft cover.

- Set a background, they have so many to choose from! 
Here are a few I chose:

- Choose a title for your book - you can do this later as well.

- Start personalizing!

They have pre-done options you can enter or add a blank page to completely personalize the book.

They also have stick figure people to add as pictures, I had a great time personalizing the stick people to look like me and my hubby!

You can change the hair, eyes, add glasses, change pose, add backgrounds like a fireplace or brick.

It was so much fun to create the text and pictures I wanted!

When I gave the Love book to my husband, he told me it was the most touching gift he had ever received! 

I liked making my own book so much that I decided to make "The Beginning" book which told our dating history until we were engaged - something we will have forever.

I also made a book for my niece, it was a fairy-tale.
I made her a princess and added some family names into the story - I was a fairy that helped the princess. 

She loved it!!

Here are some other book ideas they have:

- Personalized Coupon Books for Dad

- Mother's Day Gift Idea

- 1st Anniversary Gift

- Valentine's Day Gift Book

- The perfect gift for the newlyweds.... and so many more!!

If you are looking for the perfect gift for your loved ones, definitely create your own Love Book!!

To create a book, go to!!