Autumn Nails

I will admit I am more of  a spring / summer person. I love the bright colors and light fabrics. 

When the weather gets cooler the colors go from pinks, blues and yellows to browns, oranges and copper. Fabrics go from flowing and airy to thick and heavy.

The cool weather is inevitable so like the old saying "if you can't beat em", I decided to find some fun nail designs for Autumn.

Although it is October -  incredibly it is more like autumn weather  here in Edmonton, Alberta.

Autumn colors are beautiful, I love gold and copper colors and I am able to use some sparkle.

For this nail design I wanted to have a gold explosion but also stay with an autumn theme.

I love how the design kind of looks like a firework leaf.

I always know when a hairstyle, make up application and nail design works because I receive a lot of compliments. 

I've been wearing this nail design for about a week and so many positive comments.

Here is what you need:

- Base Coat

- Base color
- Copper or gold color
- Glittery polish (Optional)
- Toothpick or a Nail Striper (DIY Nail Tools)
- Top Coat

Step 1:

Prep the nails by applying a base coat. 
Once dry apply a base color, I think a dark color works best.

Step 2:

Once the base color is dry, drop a few drops of gold or copper polish onto a piece of paper. 
Dip the toothpick / nail striper into the gold polish. 
Starting from the inner corner closest to the cuticle, draw the line toward the centre of the nail. 

Step 3:

Starting in the same spot as the first line, draw a line along the each side of nail. 
Then draw a line in between each line. 
The lines don't need to be the same length, it almost looks better with all different sizes.

Step 4:

This step is optional.
Using toothpick / nail striper dipped in glitter polish, dab some glitter onto the lines.
Let dry a few minutes to prevent smudging.

Step 5:

Apply a top coat for a long-lasting  design.

It would be so great to see your recreations!!

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